‘Three’s Company’ Star Suzanne Somers Says the ThighMaster Saved Her From Being Fired

by Emily Morgan

Classic TV star Suzanne Somers may not have been as successful as she is today had it not been for a simple fitness device.

Before she became a household name, thanks to shows like “Three’s Company,” the blonde bombshell had a hard time finding gigs. Even after she landed a spot on the hit sitcom, times were tough.

After starring in four seasons on the Emmy-winning TV show, producers fired her after she asked for a pay raise. She asked to go from $30,000 an episode to $150,000, which was the exact figure her costar, John Ritter, was receiving.

After being dubbed America’s sweetheart and being on countless magazine covers, she was kicked to the curb. As a result, she sunk into a deep depression. However, her luck returned when her husband and manager, Alan Hamel, secured her a Las Vegas residency. As it turns out, the deal was for more money than she had ever asked for on her former sitcom.

Then, after 15 years of selling out shows, she proved she was still much more than a pretty face when she developed the simple fitness device that made her a phenomenon. After returning home from Vegas, Suzanne Somers decided to venture into the world of business and start branding products. As a result, she launched the iconic “ThighMaster” in 1990.

Somers was now not only a successful actress, but she also made a name for herself in marketing. She stopped counting how many ThighMasters she sold “after 10 million.”

Just two years after her initial launch, she became one of the Home Shopping Network’s top-selling brands.

Beyond the ThighMaster, she’s also the author of 27 books, including 14 New York Times bestsellers. In addition, her fans can find her name on everything from jewelry to protein formulas.

“I have over a thousand products,” she boasted. “Would I have wanted to do it this way? No, but I allowed it to take me and us where it wanted to go,” she said in an interview.

Suzanne Somers keeps busy even after ThighMaster success

While Suzanne Somers certainly proved to everyone that she’s capable of much more than a gig on a TV show, she says it’s not always easy.

“My biggest complaint today is that I work too much,” she admits. “I’m always keeping busy. The pandemic worked for me because we started doing Facebook Live shows and Instagram shows three times a week. We start the show with some tequila on ice, and it’s like having a drink together while my husband is running the camera. There’s just so much freedom on the internet than there is on mainstream television. I’m just loving where I’ve been and where I’m heading.”

Today, Suzanne Somers’ success from ThighMaster is far from over. Courteney Cox filmed herself cooking burgers on a patio grill with Somers stood beside her as they exercised and the “Three’s Company” theme song played.

Last year, Khloe Kardashian revealed to her Instagram followers that one of her most cherished possessions was an autographed ThighMaster.

“How did I fare after ‘Three’s Company?’ Well, I’m still standing, and I’m standing strong,” said Somers.