Tony Danza Reveals Major Update About ‘Who’s the Boss’ Reboot Series

by Megan Molseed

Some big news for 1980 and 1990 sitcom fans! A reboot of the hit Tony Danza classic TV series, Who’s the Boss is likely on its way back to the small screen. The hit TV sitcom series stars Tony Danza as former baseball star and single father, Tony Michelli. In the series, Danza’s character and his daughter, Samantha (Alyssa Milano) move in with Angela Bower (Judith Light) and her son. This big move comes when Michelli takes a job as Bower’s housekeeper.

The hit sitcom was one of the most popular of its kind during its time on the air. However, fans of the series still debate whether it is Tony or Angela who is the true “Boss.”

Tony Danza Reveals Status Of the Much-Anticipated Who’s the Boss Reboot

Earlier this year, actress Alyssa Milano, who portrays Danza’s daughter in the popular sitcom television series, revealed talks to revive the hit series have been in the works per Screen Rant. Now, Danza is adding to this announcement noting that the show is still in development. They are just waiting for a big element in order to bring the show back to the small screen…the writers.

“We’re waiting for the writers,” Tony Danza said. Furthermore, the television star adds that the new Who’s the Boss reboot series will likely bring Judith Light back in a “small part.”

“We’re actually developing a reboot,” Alyssa Milano has said about the upcoming series.

“Well it’s more of a sequel,” the Charmed actress adds.

“And we’ve been developing it now for a couple of years,” Milano continues. The actress adds that the recent COVID-19 pandemic slowed some of the plans down early on.

“The pandemic sort of put everything on hold,” she explains.

“But we’re hopeful that before I’m in my 70s we’ll be able to,” the actress quips.

Milano adds that part of the development includes deciding what the show is going to look like. Including at which point in the stars’ lives they plan to “pick up from.”

It is important, Milano adds, to “figure out what the show would look like.”

News as to whether or not Danny Pintauro, who portrays Angela Bowers’ son, Jonathan Bower is returning for the reboot has not yet been released. Another major character in the original Who’s the Boss series is Angela’s mom, Mona Robinson who is portrayed by Katherine Helmond. Unfortunately, Helmond passed away in 2019.

But, the burning question most fans likely have is – will the series finally answer the long-asked question of who is the real “boss?” Maybe Milano’s Samantha is facing single-parenthood just as her television dad, Danza’s Tony Michelli does in the original series?