WATCH: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Appearance on This Classic ’70s Game Show Is Absolutely Hilarious

by Chris Piner

When it comes to larger-than-life, there are few Hollywood stars who come anywhere close to the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger. Although known for bodybuilding, the Austrian-American used his power in the weight room to catapult himself into a career in movies. Not only did Schwarzenegger break into the movie industry, he did it by landing iconic roles in Terminator and Predator. And if that wasn’t enough, he served the state of California as its governor. Currently 75 years old, Schwarzenegger continues to explore different career opportunities. But looking back at his past, it just so happens that the Mr. Olympia once appeared on a dating television show called The Dating Game. 

In 1973, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was relatively new to the United States, took any opportunity thrown at him. Again, trying to make it big, if he only knew, the legendary bodybuilder landed a contestant role on The Dating Game. What followed – Schwarzenegger barely fitting into the frame of the camera. But never one to back away from a challenge, the Conan the Barbarian star charmed more than the women but the host as well. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger Talks Reprising Conan The Barbarian

Speaking of Conan the Barbarian, Arnold Schwarzenegger discussed landing the role with Men’s Journal in August, admitting, “I had just won the Mr. Olympia competition for the seventh time in Sydney, Australia—and literally two months later we’re on set filming Conan the Barbarian. The director, John Milius, came to the competition and told me he wanted me to be “less cut” because he didn’t think it looked natural for the period. So for those two months, I changed the way I was training and my diet to become more rounded.”

While there are rumors circulating about another Conan the Barbarian movie, with Arnold Schwarzenegger reprising his role, the former governor seemed to have a story of his own already thought out. “I think it would be good to do a Conan movie that is kind of like Unforgiven, where we come back to Conan, now old, who’s sat on his thrown for 40 years. He despised when he was young.” Schwarzenegger added, “He’s become complacent—and fat. Now he’s eating too much food and enjoying all the women around. He’s an older man who’s not worth anything. He starts to feel like his life is slipping away, being taken away from him and he has to get his life back together—this being his reluctant comeback tale.”

Although the ideas of a great story, Arnold Schwarzenegger concluded, “They say there are some talks with Netflix, and I know a lot of people there because I’m currently working with them. I think the best thing would be to get everyone in a room together so we can move forward. Out of the 40-something movies that I’ve done, there are certain characters that people want to see again. Conan is one of them.”