WATCH: ‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Melissa Gilbert Posts Throwback Pics From Teenager Days

by Joe Rutland

This is not for Throwback Thursday but Melissa Gilbert of Little House on the Prairie fame is giving us some looks back in time. Yes, when Gilbert was much younger than she is today. The actress, who famously played Laura Ingalls on the NBC family drama, put some incredible photos out on Sunday.

Based on the caption area, we think this might be part of a challenge put out on social media. We can tell that Gilbert is sharing what she also put out on TikTok. These photos really are amazing and she mentions where some of them may be from, too. Gilbert has appeared in shows like The Love Boat and in TV movies like The Diary of Anne Frank throughout her long career.

A couple of these photos might be from those times. Of course, there are a couple of fun ones in the mix, too. Gilbert still stays active in the world of show business. But she does not live in Hollywood anymore. Nope, she packed up and headed for the friendly confines of New York state. She lives in a house in the country with her husband, actor Tim Busfield.

Melissa Gilbert of ‘Little House on the Prairie’ Offered Health Update This Summer

Gilbert did have some health issues earlier this year. She was one of many who dealt with COVID-19 symptoms. Thankfully, she has recovered and moved on with her life. Yet, she also managed to offer up a health update of a different nature back in July. In another Instagram post, she wrote, “Last week was check up and check in with all doctors. I had my physical and I’m happy to report that since cutting out beef, pork and chicken, my bad cholesterol dropped 30 points!!” Gilbert also would add that she went through a mammogram as well and received a clean bill of health.

On another subject, Gilbert had to come to terms with her father’s tragic death. Melissa was adopted by comedian Paul Gilbert and his then-wife, Barbara Crane. Sadly, Paul would die suddenly when she was 11 in 1976. It was her belief that he died of a stroke. This is what she was told, but she would learn the truth much later. Paul was a World War II veteran who lived in constant pain.

“He’d been threatening suicide for a long time,” Gilbert would write on Instagram. “And no one really listened. Most certainly no one helped him. So at about 7:15 am on this day 46 years ago, he shot himself in the head with a .38.” The Little House on the Prairie star had to go through some soul searching after learning the truth about her father back in 2009.