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WATCH: Rita Wilson Makes Guest Appearance as Cheerleader on ‘The Brady Bunch’

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)

In 1972, a young Rita Wilson made a guest appearance on an episode of The Brady Bunch called Greg’s Triangle. And the classic TV behind-the-scenes drama definitely lived up to the title.

In the story, Wilson played a peppy cheerleader named Pat Conway, one of a few girls who had their eyes on Greg. But Marcia was particularly suspicious of Pat because she was up for head cheerleader against Marcia, and Greg was a judge. So the Brady sibling thought that Pat was just flirting with Greg as a way of getting his vote for the coveted team lead.

But off-screen that suspicion took on a whole new meaning. Because at the time, Marcia’s Maureen McCormick and Greg’s Barry Williams were actually in the midst of a budding romance. And McCormick was not thrilled to watch her new beau swoon over the gorgeous Rita Wilson for The Brady Bunch cameras.

Barry Williams ‘Enjoyed Himself Way Too Much’ With Rita Wilson on ‘The Brady Bunch’

Though fans weren’t privy to the fling at the time, the duo later admitted that they had undeniable chemistry while working together. And after years of trying to avoid it, they finally decided to explore their feelings while filming the famous Hawaii episode.

“We couldn’t hold back any longer,” McCormick wrote in her memoir titled Here’s the Story: Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice. “It was our first kiss. And it was long, passionate, and deep. It was wonderful, too. As we continued to kiss … a part of me – a tiny part, admittedly – said to myself, ‘Oh my God! I’m kissing my brother. What am I doing?’ I didn’t care. I knew exactly what I was doing.”

But the couple had a hard time getting the relationship off the ground after that special moment. Because both McCormick and Williams were bonafide teenage heartthrobs at the time, they didn’t want to settle down. There were too many options on the table, including one Rita Wilson, who shared some chemistry of her own with Williams.

“From my perspective, Barry simply enjoyed himself way too much around both of those girls,” McCormick continued. “Even though we were on-again, off-again, I got jealous. On the set, I felt proprietary. I gave him dirty looks the entire week.”

Thanks to the constant jealousy, Maureen McCormick and Barry Wilson never actually forged a true relationship. After trying a few times, the teens finally gave in and decided to enjoy a decades-long friendship instead.

McCormick went on to marry Michael Cummings in 1985, and the two are still together to this day. Wilson had three marriages, and he’s currently married to Tina Mahina.

Rita Wilson ended up doing great things with her own career, too. And today, she’s celebrating nearly 34 years of holy matrimony with Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks.