Why ‘Andy Griffith Show’ Star Ron Howard Chose to Raise His Children Outside of Hollywood

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for SXSW)

Ron Howard began his Hollywood career at the incredibly young age of 6, when he landed the role of Opie Taylor on the classic TV series The Andy Griffith Show. Though his parents never stood in the way of his acting dreams, they also did what they could do protect him from the dark side of Hollywood and the seemingly unavoidable “child star curse.”

By maintaining typical family dynamics and never taking advantage of their children’s fame, the Howard family parents successfully raised two happy, healthy children, Ron and Clint Howard.

Years later, Ron Howard had a family of his own. And he knew from experience that Hollywood is no place for young children. As such, he made the decision to raise them completely separate from it, despite his continuing career behind the camera.

In a 2013 interview on the talk show Lorraine, Ron Howard explained this decision. “I’m not so crazy about them getting into the industry to be honest,” Howard said. “It’s tough, particularly for women. We even moved our kids out of Los Angeles and raised them East outside of New York City, because we just didn’t want them exposed to it.”

The Andy Griffith star stands behind his decision to this day. In an interview with People alongside his daughter Bryce, he called himself and his wife, “totally reasonable, thoughtful parents who made solid decisions at every turn.”

Unsurprisingly, this proclamation earned a laugh from Bryce Dallas Howard. There must be some truth to it, however, as Bryce refers to Ron Howard as her “father, best friend, role model, and mentor.”

‘Andy Griffith Show’ Star Ron Howard Expresses Pride in His Daughter’s Hollywood Career

Though he didn’t necessarily wish for his children to get involved with Hollywood, Andy Griffith Show star Ron Howard always said that if they expressed a genuine passion for film, he would never hold them back. On the contrary, he would do everything he could do help them achieve their dreams, just as his parents did for him.

Well, his daughter Bryce did express that passion. And just as promised, he supported her every step of the way. Now, 20 years into her acting career, Bryce Dallas Howard has a wealth of experience in front of the camera. After her success in the Twilight and Jurassic World franchises, Bryce decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and try her hand at directing.

Ron Howard feels an immense amount of pride in his daughter, a feeling that he expressed during a 2020 interview with The Wrap. “I’m going to jump in here as a dad,” Howard said following a childhood story from Bryce’s perspective. “Underneath it all, she’s a really excellent writer. Always was.”

“She could write her way out of a problem,” Howard continued. “She didn’t have to study all year – she could just write the paper at the end. I was chagrined, but at the same time, she’s a natural storyteller.”