Why ‘Full House’ Fans Still Can’t Get Over the Scene About Uncle Jesse Wrecking His Bike

by Shelby Scott

Full House” is arguably one of the most wholesome classic TV shows to ever air, and a lot of that has to do with its emphasis on dynamic family values, including honesty, forgiveness, and kindness. However, just like everyday people, some of our favorite characters demonstrate extremely unlikable traits and actions. Even the family’s rock, Danny Tanner (the late Bob Saget) had flaws of his own, however, right now, we want to look at fan-favorite character Uncle Jesse’s (John Stamos) less popular moments.

Why Fans Didn’t Love This Uncle Jesse’s Moment

Almost immediately following the “Full House” premiere in 1987, viewers quickly came to learn that Uncle Jesse values three material things: his hair, his bike, and the King of Rock N’ Roll. Well, during the first episode of season two, Stephanie Tanner (Jodie Sweetin), then just seven years old, decides to give her Uncle Jesse a pretend haircut. In one shocking snip, however, the haircut becomes very real, which sends Jesse over the edge and in a rush to the barber to have his botched hair fixed.

Suddenly, his drive is cut short when, in his anger at Stephanie, he wrecks his bike and winds up with both arms in casts. He then blames Stephanie for wrecking his bike because if she hadn’t cut his hair in the first place, Jesse wouldn’t have had to rush out and get a haircut. Decades later, this episode still doesn’t sit right with fans, per Looper.

Taking to Reddit, one “Full House” fan said, “I really hated [Uncle Jesse] in that episode where he broke his arms[,] he was so mean to Stephanie.”

Another “Full House” fan emphasized that the worst part of that episode is that Stephanie was just seven years old at the time and already felt guilty about his awful haircut.

‘Full House’s John Stamos Shares Peek at Life as a Dad

While John Stamos starred as “Full House’s” “cool uncle” and even cooler dad for eight successful seasons, the beloved actor later welcomed a son of his own. Following his marriage to Caitlin McHugh in 2018, the two shortly announced their pregnancy, welcoming their own little boy, Billy, that same year.

Stamos’s social media posts show that the 58-year-old absolutely adores his son, who is now four years old, and clearly loves being a dad. Sadly, as parents know all too well, time flies. So, following his time on “Full House” and its 2016 reboot, “Fuller House,” the actor is giving fans a peek at his life as a dad on Instagram. Stamos recently shared sweet photos alongside his little boy that emphasize the little-big moments he gets to spend with young Billy. Check them out below.

“The little moments. The ‘micro-transactions’ that take place in between life’s big events,” the “Full House” star reflected. “I like those best.”