‘Criminal Minds’ and ‘Bones’ Fans Want to See This Epic Crossover

by Shelby Scott

Some of the best crossovers happen when TV‘s fictional investigative teams play a role in another team’s storyline. Take for example NCIS and its handful of spinoffs over the years. While crossovers with NCIS: Los Angeles or its since-concluded series NCIS: New Orleans rarely occurred, they left us with some of the most dynamic plotlines. Or, of course, there’s always Dick Wolf’s multi-universe crossovers with shows like Chicago PD and Law & Order.

Now though, many of these crime dramas remain on their summer hiatuses. In the meantime, fans are getting creative with crossover fantasies. And, as we await the return of some of our favorite shows, Criminal Minds and Bones fans have an epic crossover in mind. But would it work?

The Potential Plot

Well, it’s complicated—or, at least, the plot is. As per Looper, the most complicated, and likely most comical, part of the fictional crossover would be the meet and greet between Bones‘ Temperance Brennan (Bones) and Criminal Minds‘ Spencer Reid. As per the outlet, both characters boast an IQ so high, that they tend to take things literally. That said, they would also be able to understand each other in a way most others wouldn’t.

From there, Bones would board a plane with the Criminal Minds crew, Reid and actor Shemar Moore’s character Derek Morgan specifically, taking her to what the outlet deems a “grisly” crime scene. There, she’d use almost undetectable clues to help identify the team’s victim.

Back at the Jeffersonian, FBI Agent Seeley Booth would meet Dr. Spencer Reid, where his own common sensical persona would clash with the BAU brainiac, causing a rift between the characters. Regardless, Reid would be able to profile and eventually identify the killer, bonding with Booth and the rest of the Bones crew.

Bones and Criminal Minds Fans Love This Potential Crossover

The plot seems a bit complicated in theory; it would likely be easier to follow if we simply wrote a script (which, sadly, we don’t have time for). Nevertheless, fans on Reddit fully supported the potential crossover, with one user writing, “This is the crossover I never knew I needed.” Others shared similar sentiments.

“Yes!!!!” one fan exclaimed. More dramatically, they continued, “Now my life will be forever ruined unless we get a crossover. I can also accept a fanfiction.”

Others, however, didn’t seem so certain a Bones/Criminal Minds crossover would bode well. In fact, some fans believe that both Reid and Brennan’s IQ levels would clash too much, preventing them from actually solving the crime. Others pointed out they could potentially take things too literally, which would rub both characters the wrong way.

Meanwhile, other Redditors believed that, at the very least, the banter resultant of Reid and Brennan’s massive intelligence would be fun in itself to watch.