‘Criminal Minds’ Gets an Encouraging Season 16 Update From Paget Brewster

by Taylor Cunningham

Early last year, news broke that Criminal Minds was getting a revival after being off the air for only a year. Since then, fans haven’t heard much about the show or its progress, which led everyone to worry that the project died. But star Paget Brewster recently gave an update. And it has everyone feeling much better.

While chatting with Decider, the actress revealed that the series is still in the works. When it finally hits TV, it’ll run on Paramount+ instead of its former home on ABC. And because of that, legal teams are tied up in the fine print of the licensing agreements.

But there aren’t any issues arising from the talks that could jeopardize Criminal Minds. Brewster said it’s just a waiting game at the moment. But she expects filming to go into full swing in the near future.

While the cast hasn’t signed their contracts yet, the series has already hired preproduction staff, which is a good sign. And as the networks hammer out the details of their agreement, “they have good faith” that everything is on track.

If All Goes As Planned, ‘Criminal Minds’ Should Begin Filming in ‘a Couple of Months’

We’ve been told, ‘Visit your family now, because, in a couple of months, it’s not gonna happen,’” she shared. “So we’re all very confident that it’s going to happen.”

Though, Brewster did admit that nothing is guaranteed in the film industry. So, there is always a chance that the series could end before it even starts. As she shared, she and the rest of the cast are feeling “very, very optimistic.” But until the first episode is in the bag, it’s not a sure thing.

“Once we’ve shot the first episode, that means that Criminal Minds is coming back,” she added. “That’s just how this business is! And it’s all stuff that’s out of our hands. Because we all agreed in November: ‘Yes, we’re all on board, we’re ready to sign.’ So there’s clearly some other structure that needs to be figured out before we can start.”

Other than Paget Brewster’s good news, the series hasn’t handed out much information about the revival. It is rumored that most of the original cast will come back to the story. However, some of them, including Shemar Moore, are busy with new shows. And according to initial reports, Daniel Henney and Matthew Gray Gubler weren’t coming back. Also, it’s safe to say that due to his dramatic exit, Thomas Gibson won’t be reprising his role either.

But if Brewster is correct, and filming picks up this summer or fall, there will be much more information hitting the news soon.