‘Criminal Minds’ Fans Are Still Shook About These Episodes

by Megan Molseed

During the first 15 seasons of Criminal Minds, fans of the hit crime-drama TV series got a glimpse of some incredibly disturbing storylines. However, some storylines on the popular CBS procedural series are extra disturbing…leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

Some Of The Most Intense Criminal Minds Episodes Still Haunt Fans

Criminal Minds fans are eagerly awaiting a revival of the hit series to hit the airwaves. However, this is the perfect time to catch up on some of our favorite series episodes which are still streaming on services such as Hulu or Paramount +. And, with a total of 15 seasons, there are plenty of intense storylines to follow while we wait. Some of these episodes, however, can prove to be a little too much for some viewers.

One of the most haunting episodes of Criminal Minds occurs during the show’s second season. This episode, titled The Boogeyman, introduces a terrifying “unsub” who is targeting children. A disturbing storyline already. However, things get even darker as we learn that the actual unsub is also a child.

Another hauntingly unforgettable moment during Criminal Minds’ successful 15-season run comes during the show’s third season. In the episode titled About Face, the victims are terrorized by “Missing” posters. These posters feature their own faces plastered on the front…days before being abducted.

Friendships Are Tested In Some Of The Most Disturbing BAU Cases

The second season of Criminal Minds brings us another one of the most disturbing cases. This episode is titled North Mammon.

North Mammon begins with the terrifying kidnapping of three teen-aged best friends. But, things get even more horrifying when the kidnapper orders the girls to choose which one of them will die. Then, once they’ve decided, the unsub orders them to commit the murder.

Then, in one season 15 episode, we get to know Kirsten Vangsness’s Penelope Garcia, the BAU’s technical analyst a little better. This happens when she calls in her teammates to help a friend uncover a terrifying stalker. However, this episode which is titled Saturday brings us one of the most terrifying storylines when we learn the stalker has carved a hole under the victim’s bed. And they’d been living there the whole time!

The Members Of The Criminal Minds Team Aren’t Immune To Falling Victim To Some Horrifying Crimes

Much of the popular investigative series is based on the expert agents on the BAU solving some terrible crimes all across the country. However, sometimes these agents are the ones to fall victim to terrifying criminals.

The fifth season episode titled 100 brings us one of the most defining and terrible moments in the entire series. The moment Agent Aaron Hotch’s (Thomas Gibson) nemesis George Foyet (C. Thomas Howell) brutalizes the agent’s young son and his ex-wife Meredith Monroe’s Haley. In the end, Hotch is forced to listen helplessly as the killer murders Haley in cold blood.