‘Criminal Minds’ Star Aisha Tyler Teases ‘One Hell of Ride’ in Behind the Scenes Season 16 Video

by Joe Rutland

Actress Aisha Tyler, who plays Tara Lewis on Criminal Minds, is giving the show’s dedicated fan base a little sneak peek. While Tyler is pretty short or sly when it comes to details, one thing we do know is that people want to see the show. It will pop up again on the streaming service Paramount Plus. Well, let’s get to what Tyler is saying here to the many fans out there. With more than 1 million fans following the show’s Twitter account, there’s bound to be one or two who will find this quite interesting.

Fans might also want to know what Tyler has been doing since the show originally ended its run on CBS. Well, Tyler worked on 14 different projects in the world of TV, film, and movie shorts. One project happened to have her guest star in the streaming platform Disney+ series Diary of a Future President and Monsters at Work. Tyler also appeared in Archer as Lana Kane/Princess Lanaluakalani. She also played Mickey in AMC’s The Walking Dead spinoff titled Fear The Walking Dead. Her character happened to be a survivor of a nuclear strike.

‘Criminal Minds’ Star Joe Mantegna Will Direct An Episode

We are still some months away from seeing Criminal Minds pop up again. Among the cast members who will be there when you catch it again will be Joe Mantegna. Hey, he’s even directing an episode in the new season. That should be something to tune into and see. In an Instagram post, Mantegna said, “I thank all you fans for being there as fans. I’m excited—I’m also going to be directing an episode this season, as I’ve done so in the past. And so, welcome back to Criminal Minds, all of you.”

For this new show, what we do believe that will happen is the BAU will battle against an UnSub. That’s not so new as they have done this in the past. Yet what will happen is that there will be one UnSub and one alone. The storyline is reportedly going to last all season long. Therefore, all the team members will be focused on stopping this one UnSub. It still should be interesting times for those who love the show.

Meanwhile, there are some fans who have been debating who is the funniest character on the show. Guess who won that honor? None other than David Rossi, the character played by Mantegna on the show. A fan on Reddit happened to write, “Rossi and Emily also crack me up together because they kinda weirdly give me mafia vibes? Is it the intimidating but calm, “I smell like money” Italian thing maybe?”