‘Criminal Minds’ Star Paget Brewster Opens Up About the Series Revival

by Joe Rutland

Paget Brewster is just one of the regular cast members who will be coming back for Criminal Minds as it pops up on Paramount Plus. This beloved TV show will have a Season 16 after all. Is everyone looking forward to coming back? Well, Brewster, who plays Emily Prentiss on the show, appears to be in that camp. She talked about the whole process in a recent interview.  

“We are all really, really thrilled because we’ve been talking about it for almost two years …,” she said in an interview with KTLA. “So, it’s really exciting that everything’s finally come together and we’re going to start shooting soon. We have stayed in touch, we’ve been in touch, we’re all on a giant text chain.

“We did become a family and we still are and that’s why it was so exciting when the idea was floated that maybe we could come back again and do more episodes for Paramount Plus …,” Brewster said. “We’ve been chomping at the bit to do it, so it’s just thrilling that we all get to be in each other’s presence again.”

Joe Mantegna Of ‘Criminal Minds’ Shares Photo From Set

Criminal Minds had a very successful run on CBS before being canceled. Joe Mantegna will come back as well as other cast members from the show. Look forward to seeing the BAU team do battle with the “UnSub” throughout the season. Usually, shows like Criminal Minds have singular cases to solve in episodes. Not for Season 16. You will be able to see the team deal with this threat all season long. Yep, expect Emily to be on the lookout, too.

Recently, Mantegna, who plays David Rossi, shared a behind-the-scenes photo inspecting the show’s set. He would write on Twitter, “Just doing a little inspection today for an upcoming project.” The photo shows Mantegna offering a thumbs up to what he is seeing around him. The set is still under construction. As Brewster mentions, everyone on the show has stayed in touch. Thanks to this photo, we also can see the lead actor keeping in touch with his fans.

With this revival, Criminal Minds has several major cast members coming back. We’ve mentioned Mantegna and, of course, Brewster. Who else is returning? Kirsten Vangsness, Adam Rodriguez, A.J. Cook, and Aisha Tyler. All of them have signed multiple-year deals that are not exclusive. That means if they get another role to play, then they can go and do it. Of course, there’s probably a desire that they stay close to the Criminal Minds homefront when filming begins. After getting a possible deal with Netflix collapse, you can catch the show on Paramount Plus when episodes are ready to go.