‘CSI’ Fans Are Split Over Sara Sidle

by Alex Falls

CSI is one of the longest-running TV franchises in history. The forensics crime drama has a devoted fan base who follow every spin-off. And even though the original came to an end in 2015, fans still endlessly debate the merits of the original 300+ episodes.

The show also hosted a huge list of characters. One of the most controversial of those characters has fans divided. Jorja Fox’s Sara Sidle could go down as one of the most disliked characters of the entire show. The backlash is so strong that Fox has even had to address it publically in various interviews over the years.

“I think Sara is the least-liked character on the show,” Fox told Entertainment Weekly in 2015. “Maybe for my own survival, I tried to see it as a compliment. Whether fans loved your or hated you, at least they were emotionally invested or feeling passionate about Sara.”

Where does the hatred for Sara Sidle come from? There doesn’t seem to be one single reason. Some have said it’s because of the character’s lack of humor. Others speculate she’s simply too smug. Some have gone as far as to call the character obnoxious and even overbearing.

CSI Fans of Sara Sidle

One of Sidle’s most controversial storylines was the relationship with William Petersen’s Gil Grisson. Many fans expressed the feeling that she just didn’t belong on the forensics team.

“Obviously Sara had her sights on Grissom,” Fox said. “He’s our protagonist and all eyes see the lab through Grissom, especially through the first nine seasons. So all of sudden there is Sara in that vision. But there were fans who wanted Gil to hook up with Catherine or Lady Heather [Melinda Clarke]. I also think Sara is socially awkward and stands by her guns no matter what.”

A recent Reddit discussion about the character sheds some light on the fans’ perception of the Sara Sidle character. “In the context of the show and the initial portrayal of the character, she’s been brought into the group and is the outsider,” wrote one user.

Another user noted, “She feels she has something to prove. Also, she definitely is an idealist and high-minded and righteous to the point of being obnoxious about it. Sara is definitely trying very hard to prove herself and make sure everyone knows she deserves to be there and not just because Grissom brought her onboard. She eventually eases up a bit. She gets a bit softer as she becomes more connected with the team.”

The CSI franchise lives on with the current series CSI: Vegas. The newest series acts as a sequel to the original shows and brings back many of the original characters and actors. Including Fox’s Sara Sidle. The second season is currently being filmed and is scheduled to premiere on September 29th.