‘CSI: Miami’: What Did David Caruso Do After the Show?

by Sean Griffin

David Caruso’s Horatio Caine was the face of CSI: Miami. In fact, his character was the only one to appear in all 232 episodes of the show. CSI: Miami ran from 2002-2012. In that decade, Horatio Caine became famous for his one-liners to open episodes. Here’s a link to a YouTube compilation of his most clever one-liners.

In fact, Caruso’s character was so famous for his sunglasses and witty remarks that actor Jim Carrey impersonated him on a 2007 episode of the Late Show with David Letterman. That impersonation is linked in the video below.

However, many fans are wondering what David Caruso did after his famous turn as Horatio Caine. Let’s take a look at the actor’s career beginnings before CSI: Miami to know what happened after the show.

Caruso started his career off with roles in shows like Hill Street Blues and H.E.L.P. However, over time, he garnered more success. His time on NYPD Blue earned him a Golden Globe nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. He landed film roles in King of New York, Kiss of Death, Jade, and Proof of Life.

However, his career broke out when a crossover episode with CSI made Caruso a star. He took the role of former bomb squad officer/homicide detective and made it his own. The show was immensely popular during its time on air, especially with an international audience. BBC News said CSI: Miami was the world’s most popular television series in 2006. It stated that the show featured in more countries’ top ten rankings than any other series the previous year.

However, what has Caruso been up to after CSI: Miami ended in 2012? Keep reading to find out what the star’s done since.

David Caruso Post-‘CSI: Miami’

When the series ended in 2012, David Caruso made a quiet exit from acting. He had other business ventures he wanted to pursue. Apparently, he’s involved in the art business. He opened a California gallery that closed in recent years. He also founded and owns other ventures: DavidCarusoTelevision.tv and LexiconDigital.tv. Additionally, he co-owns Steam on Sunset, a clothing store in South Miami.

His time as Horatio Caine earned him the right to retire and pursue other ventures. However, fans still wonder if Caruso could return to acting.

The series finale of CSI: Miami wasn’t much of a finale at all. While some speculate that Caruso could return to CSI: Vegas to give closure to Caine’s character arc, considering his decade-long retirement, it seems Caruso is content leaving his acting career in the past.

While CSI: Miami fans shouldn’t be hopeful about seeing a return of Caruso, they can always watch reruns of classic episodes, like this one’s storyline that was based on true events.