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‘CSI: Miami’: Where Else You’ve Seen Jesse Cardoza Actor Eddie Cibrian Before

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

CSI: Miami is the infamous television spin-off series that brought the CSI franchise some memorable characters. As well as some even more memorable moments. Among these memorable CSI: Miami players is Eddie Cibrian’s Jesse Cardoza. Cardoza joins the CSI: Miami team for the show’s eighth and ninth seasons. However, Cibrian has been a part of the television scene for some time. Well before taking on the role of Cardoza. So, where is it that we’ve seen the actor before?

Eddie Cibrian Takes On the Soap Opera Scene Before Investigating Crimes With the CSI: Miami Team

Before joining the popular CBS procedural television series, Eddie Cibrian was a staple on many television dramas throughout the 1990s. He became a familiar face in households all across the country when he spent a decade portraying Matt Clark on The Young and the Restless. Eddie Cibrian also had some moments in some of the biggest shows of the era. Beverly Hills 90210 and Sabrina the Teenage Witch, are among these shows.

Cibrian Extends His Soap Work Spending Some Time On Sunset Beach

The longtime actor may be well remembered by many for his role in The Young and the Restless. However, Eddie Cibrian also has a memorable run on the NBC soap opera Sunset Beach.

In this serial daytime television drama, Cibrian portrays Cole Deschanel, an endearing “bad boy” type. Cibrian’s Cole is a former thief with an on-again, off-again romance storyline with Vanessa Dorrman’s Caitlin Richards. However, things get complicated when Cole’s shady ways come to light; and he begins a relationship with Caitlin’s mother Olivia (Lesley-Anne Down).

Of course, as is the soap opera way, both mother and daughter soon find out that they are expecting Cole’s child. And, worried that her daughter would settle down with the bad boy Cole she devises a plan perfect for any soap opera storyline. She plans to steal Caitlin’s baby and tell people the child is hers.

Cibrian Joins the Cast of The Cave, a Film Where a Spelunking Trip Turns Into a Terrifying Trip

In 2005 Cibrian joins some big names on the silver screen as he portrays Tyler McCallister who joins his brother and friends in an ill-fated cave exploration adventure. Those who remember this terrifying goodie also remember that Cibrian’s on-screen brother, Jack McCallister is portrayed by Yellowstone fan-favorite, Cole Hauser.

Later, Cibrian stepped into the hit NBC series, Ugly Betty. Here, the former CSI: Miami star portrays a physical education instructor named Coach Diaz; a man who is soon discovered to be unfaithful to his wife.

There’s Little Country Comfort For Cibrian’s Short-Lived Netflix Series

In 2021, Cibrian took on a starring role in the Netflix sitcom series Country Comfort. In this series, Cibrian portrays a widower who is raising five children as a single father; while struggling to keep the family’s farm alive. However, despite award-winning cinematography and major star power (Cibrian’s wife, country music star LeAnn Rimes also stars in the series) Country Comfort failed to gain traction and the streaming series was canceled.