‘CSI: Vegas’ Adds Lex Medlin, Ariana Guerra, and Jay Lee as Series Regulars for Season 2

by Taylor Cunningham

CSI: Vegas has added three new series regulars to replace the TV stars who exited the show after last winter’s season finale.

Drop Dead Diva’s Lex Medlin and Promised Land’s Ariana Guerra will be joining the cast as season regulars. And the producers also promoted the existing recurring actor Jay Lee to a regular.

Medlin is playing a research scientist named Beau. Before joining the CSI team, he spent 20 years as a top scientist at Dow Chemical. But he decided to find a more meaningful career after the pandemic.

To switch jobs, Beau took a significant pay cut. But thanks to his determination, he graduated at the top of the CSI Academy. And now, he’s the most overqualified level 1 scientist the office has ever seen. Coming from a high-ranking position, he also has issues working as a subordinate.

Outside of the office, Beau has a wife and four children. He’s also a true-crime connoisseur, who is oddly obsessed with New Balance sneakers.

Guerra is starring as an agent named Serena, who learned how to be a tough woman in charge from her police officer parents. In personality, she’s naturally cynical and hot-headed. She also never thinks before speaking and gives the scientists too much sass on the job.

Jay Lee, of course, will continue his role as CSI: Vegas investigator Chris Park. But in season 2, he will become a constant team staple.

Here’s Which Series Regulars Won’t Return for ‘CSI: Vegas’ Season 2

The new CSI: Vegas faces will be replacing three major series regulars who decided not to stick with the series into season 2.

When the series debuted as a reboot of the original CSI, original stars William Petersen and Jorja Fox reprised their roles of married investigators Gil Grisson and Sara Siddle. However, Petersen never planned on sticking around for more than a season. So, he announced his exit early on. He is remaining with the series as an executive producer, however.

With Petersen leaving, Fox was unsure if she would remain in the show. And ultimately, she decided to exit because she didn’t think there should be a Siddle without a Grissom.

“For me, CSI has always been a love story,” she wrote on Twitter. ” The story that people can find love in the darkest of places and times. I personally just can’t split Sara and Grissom up again. So goes Grissom…..So goes Sara. Wherever they go, they belong together.”

New CSI: Vegas star Mel Rodriguez will also be leaving the screen as Chief Medical Examiner Hugo Ramirez. Neither the actor nor his agent announced why he was leaving the franchise. But a source has said that the series left the door open for a possible guest appearance, according to TVLine.