‘CSI: Vegas’: Could David Caruso Return for the Spinoff?

by Taylor Cunningham

With CSI: Vegas back on TV, former franchise star David Caruso finally has the chance to give his long-running character the ending he never received. But is he willing to step back into the part?

For those of you who don’t remember, Caruso played Horatio Caine in the spinoff CSI: Miami. The slick-talking, sunglass-wielding lieutenant appeared in every episode of the series’ 10 seasons. But because the story was cut short with an unexpected and abrupt cancellation, he never saw a proper finale. So it would make sense that he’d follow in the footsteps of other OG stars and return to the revival series. But it’s unlikely that he will.

And here’s why.

Before landing the legendary role, Caruso suffered some serious troubles in the industry. In the 80s, he became a breakout star for his work in hits like Twins, First Blood, and King Of New York. And then in 1993, he landed a major part in NYPD Blue, which nearly ended his career.

Despite working alongside legendary actors such as Dennis Franz and Jimmy Smits, it was Caruso who received all the praise and fanfare from critics and fans. And he let the fame go straight to his head. The actor believed that he had what it took to become an A-list star. And he famously became incredibly difficult to work with.

Though David Caruso was a fan favorite, his ego became an unmanageable nuisance on set. And four episodes into its second season, NYPD Blue fired the star.

‘CSI: Miami’ Was David Caruso’s Second Chance at Fame

After being dropped from the series, Caruso found it hard to continue working in Hollywood. He only earned jobs in a handful of movies, but they all bombed at the box office. After that, his career became stagnant. But luckily for him, CSI: Miami was willing to take a chance on him. And that gave his fame a second wind.

While the series lasted for an impressive decade, lackluster ratings mixed with costly production costs ended up doing the series in. And unfortunately, CBS decided that despite its former success, CSI: Miami didn’t deserve a formal final season. And with that, David Caruso decided to call it quits on acting. He retired from the screen and hasn’t worked on another set since.

Once the series ended, Caruso simply vanished from the tabloids. And he spent a short time working in the art world by owning a gallery in California named Caruso Art. After that shut down in 2010, he completely fell off the radar.

With the CSI: Vegas revival running strong and heading into a second season, it would be the perfect opportunity for the actor to reemerge. But he appears to be enjoying retirement and his newfound private life. So he probably won’t jump back into the business.

However, we can’t write him off completely. Gil Grissom’s William Peterson had also walked away from the camera before reprising his role for the freshman season of the series. So there’s always a chance that Caruso could look for one last run at fame.