‘CSI: Vegas’ Star Marg Helgenberger Shares New Behind-the-Scenes Snap With Costar Matt Lauria

by Joe Rutland

Marg Helgenberger of CBS’ CSI: Vegas is getting used to playing Catherine Willows again on the popular show. Willows, in case you didn’t know, was one of the main characters on CSI back in the day. Well, we are going to see her come on back in Season 2 of this spin-off. In this photo that Helgenberger shared on Tuesday through her Twitter account, we can see her out in the hot sun with Matt Lauria. On CSI: Vegas, Lauria plays criminologist Josh Folsom.

Helgenberger comes on back after CSI: Vegas cast members William Petersen and Jorja Fox decided not to return. As you may recall, they played Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle. It would have been cool to see all three of them together again, but that’s not going to happen. We would not hold out hope but in the world of TV, there is that scant possibility. It is the one where anything can happen.

‘CSI: Vegas’ Might Return To Franchise’s Original Roots

Meanwhile, there is a distinct possibility that we could see CSI: Vegas return to the original show’s roots. We can expect more episodes than in Season 1. Did you know that the show was just up for a 10-episode order in its first season? Well, that’s not the usual order. With more of them coming on board, there’s also a chance for longer, better storylines.

Most of the ones that ran in Season 1 happened to be focused on Gil and Sara. That’s not a bad thing here. But when you have new characters come on board for the show, then you’d like to introduce them, too. Paula Newsome plays Maxine Roby and Mandeep Dhillon plays Allie Rajon on there. What about more time to have these characters develop in Season 2? That would be cool. Look for others to join the cast as well. Those would include actors Lex Medlin, Ariana Guerra, and Jay Lee.

As you can tell from this photo that she shared on Twitter, Helgenberger is back filming episodes of CSI: Vegas. She actually shared another photo of her dressing room door. It has the show’s name on it with “CATHERINE” in all caps underneath it. She’s definitely one of the coolest characters in the CSI universe. Having her back on the show is a big win for the show itself but for fans of the franchise, too. Fans know that Catherine takes her work quite seriously and is always looking to make sure all of the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed. Well, it is a good thing Willows returned because fans need someone who is connected with the O.G. show on there.