‘CSI: Vegas’: Star Marg Helgenberger Reveals First Look at Willows’ Return

by Megan Molseed

One CSI: Crime Scene Investigation star is giving TV fans of the popular franchise a sneak peek as their character returns to the CSI team with an appearance in the second season of the latest series CSI: Vegas.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Alum Marg Helgenberger Is Back As She Joins The Vegas Team

Marg Helgenberger has been a part of the wildly successful CSI franchise since the beginning. The actress portrayed her character Catherine Willows for 12 seasons when the original series was on the air. Now the star is bringing Willows back as she is set to return this fall for Vegas’s second season.

In a recent Instagram post, Marg Helgenberger shares a snapshot from the CSI: Vegas set, giving fans a glimpse of Willows’ return to the CSI universe. The pic features Helgenberger and Vegas star Matt Lauria as they stand outside of a car repair shop, some desert Vegas hills are prominent in the background. Lauria, as fans of the franchise know, portrays one of the newest CSI lead investigators, Josh Folsom.

“Hot Fun in the Summertime,” Marg Helgenberger writes in her Insta post.

“[W]ith Matt Lauria,” she adds, “in #csivegas.”

Marg Helgenberger’s Return In CSI: Vegas Continues Her Characters Legacy With The Crime Scene Investigation Team

Marg Helgenberger’s character, Catherine Willows began her career with the CSI team as a lab technician working under William Petersen’s Gil Grissom. Over the show’s successful run, however, Helgenberg’s Willows moved up the ranks eventually becoming a supervisor for the investigating team. She left the series in season 12 when Willows took a position with the FBI.

This did not end Helgenberger’s time on the series, though. The actress reprised her role in 2013 when Willows returned to the CSI team in the show’s 300th episode, which was also the series finale. News that Helgenberger was joining the CSI: Vegas cast came earlier this year.

In a discussion with ET, CSI: Vegas star Matt Lauria opens up about working with the CSI alum and discusses the return of Helgenberger’s Catherine Willows to the series.

“That role is so iconic,” Matt Lauria says.

“And she’s been such a massive presence on the show for so long — 12 seasons,” the CSI: Vegas continues.

“And besides that, she’s a really interesting character,” Lauria adds. “In that she’s been around Vegas for so long.”

The CSI: Vegas star adds that even while Helgenberger hasn’t been officially on the new series until season two, Catherine Willows was still a big part of the entire revival. She’s “still in the mix,” Lauria says of the character.

“Even in the season we just did, talking about her in the casino,” Matt Lauria says of Helgenberger’s character.

“Story-wise, she’s still involved and she’s still in the mix,” Lauria notes.

“So I think that will bring a really interesting [layer],” he adds. “She’s a very powerful, very influential person in this environment. She’ll come with a lot of gravitas as a character.”