‘CSI: Vegas’: Why Season 2 Is Primed to Get Back to the Franchise’s Roots

by Joe Rutland

Sometimes, TV shows need to take a little time to get going and that might just be the case for CSI: Vegas and its cast. Season 1 had some old-school connections to the original series with William Petersen and Jorja Fox. They came back to play Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle in what amounted to a 10-episode season. And that’s not a full-season order at all. OK, so what’s different in Season 2? As it turns out, there will be more episodes and other changes.

For starters, Petersen and Fox are not coming back. Marg Helgenberger will return and play Catherine Willows. Mel Rodriguez also is out after Season 1 with his role of Chief Medical Examiner Hugo Ramirez. The show’s franchise has a tendency to allow for different storylines to appear. Of course, you will have episodes solely about one bad character. Yet the franchise does have a history of allowing other characters to appear more than one time. With the additional episodes in Season 2, expect to have a return to this happening.

Look for More Time Around Roby, Rajan on ‘CSI: Vegas’ In Season 2

There were 10 episodes in Season 1, and most of those were focused on Gil and Sara. That’s understandable when trying to get a new show up and running. With them now gone, the show can look to expand into more stories with new characters. We were introduced to Maxine Roby, played by Paula Newsome, and Allie Rajan, played by Mandeep Dhillon, last season. It’s time to give them some more attention in the 13 episodes slotted for Season 2.

And there could be more ordered by CBS as the season goes along. Besides Helgenberger coming back home, if you will, three more actors have been added to the CSI: Vegas cast. Look for Lex Medlin, Ariana Guerra, and Jay Lee on there. Medlin has been seen in Drop Dead Diva while Guerra was in Promised Land. Lee had been appearing as a recurring character in Chris Park. Now, he’s been bumped up to full-time cast member. Medlin plays research scientist Beau; Guerra will play an agent named Serena. Helgenberger already has begun filming episodes for her comeback as Catherine.

So, this series is moving forward without Petersen and Fox. They have been two of the most identifiable stars with the franchise. It will be interesting to see how the new cast members work with the returning ones. This is not the first time that stars within the franchise have left. Still, CSI: Vegas now has a chance to find its own legs. We’ll be keeping an eye on Season 2 to see if Newsome, Dhillon, and the rest can keep viewers interested. Storylines will be important to watch as well.