‘CSI’s Wallace Langham Signs on for ‘Perry Mason’ Season 2 at HBO

by Alex Falls

A fan-favorite CSI alum has signed on to his next project. Wallace Langham, best-known for his role as Dave Hodges in the original CSI, signed on to season two of HBO’s period drama, Perry Mason.

According to Variety, Langham joins a cast that includes Matthew Rhys in the titular role. Juliet Rylance, Chris Chalk, Diarra Kilpatrick, and Eric Lange also round out the cast.

He’s set to play the role of Melville Phipps. An attorney who represents a wealthy oil baroness. He works under the rich woman and also acts as her caretaker when necessary. Landham appears to be a perfect fit for the character from the upper echelon of Los Angeles socialites.

Langham is of course best remembered for his long tenure on CSI as lab tech Dave Hodges. He played the role for the majority of the show’s 15 seasons. Recently, he reprised the role in the follow-up series CSI: Vegas. This won’t be his first show on HBO as he previously appeared in the hit comedy The Larry Saunders Show. He’s also appeared in a number of film roles over his long career including Weird Science, Little Miss Sunshine, and The Social Network.

Will Langham Return in CSI: Vegas?

The CSI universe continues to grow and evolve through the latest series in the franchise, CSI: Vegas. The spin-off series had the difficult task of trying to do something new while also building on the familiar tropes of the original CSI. So far, Vegas has done a solid job of building fresh characters for fans to get to know. Plus, some familiar faces, including Langham’s Hodges have shown up along the way.

Fan-favorite characters, Gel Grisson and Sara Sidle, came from previous CSI seasons. But fans argued they received too much focus compared to the new show’s new characters and it suffered as a result. The upcoming second season should return the series to its roots with more episodes to flesh out the story. Moreover, Sara and Gel will move out of the spotlight to let new characters grow more organically.

Season two does bring back Catherine Willows, played by Marg Helgenberger, after an extended absence from the original series. The episode count will also increase from 10 to 13 to give these characters more time to breathe. Langham has yet to be confirmed to rejoin the cast in the upcoming season. His new role in the upcoming season of Perry Mason could make him too busy to make it back out to Sin City.

Season two of CSI: Vegas is set to premiere in September later this year. It was branded as an epilogue to the original series at first, but the new season should prove if the criminal adventures from Sin City will have the longevity of the classic TV series.