Dan Abrams Reveals Major ‘On Patrol: Live’ Achievement

by Shelby Scott

On Patrol: Live, the revival series of the A&E show Live PD, got off to a rough start last month when its small screen debut became complicated by a major technical difficulty that delayed the show by over an hour. However, despite the disruption, On Patrol: Live was still the most-watched cable show the night of its first broadcast and now, Dan Abrams, the show’s beloved host, has another major achievement to share. See his post below.

“I like the look of this cable chart each Friday and Saturday,” the On Patrol: Live star tweeted, “here is the latest and…#OpNation strikes again”

The ratings information, which came from Show Buzz Daily, reveals that On Patrol: Live repeatedly tops all 150 top original cable telecasts, seeing the most viewership in the age 50+ demographic.

Fans, excited to welcome On Patrol: Live to their screens following Live PD‘s cancelation in 2020, had plenty to say about the show’s success in the comments.

“Love #OnPatrolLive,” one viewer wrote. “So glad [Reelz] and you were able to bring it back!!!”

Another snarked, “Even better[—]A&E,” the show’s original broadcast network, “isn’t even on the list. Hmm karma may be?”

OPNation replied to Dan Abrams, “That’s what we do! Glad to have you back!”

Live PD fans can catch the revival series on the Reelz network every Friday and Saturday night as it airs between 9 p.m. and 12 a.m EST.

‘On Patrol: Live’s Premiere Night Technical Difficulties:

It was uncertain whether Reelz would draw the same success with On Patrol: Live as A&E did with Live PD from a network perspective, but its fanbase endured the hiatus in between shows nonetheless. And when it was slated to return on Friday, July 22nd, loyal fans had already tuned into the station, impatiently waiting for the opening credits. However, disaster struck when the premiere episode did not air on time.

Originally scheduled to kick off at 9 p.m. that night, On Patrol: Live did not begin airing until well over 90 minutes later. Taking to Twitter, Reelz posted at the time, “Sorry folks. We are aware there are current technical problems. We are working on it as fast as we can.”

Later in the night, Dan Abrams took to his personal social media account where he shared his own update.

“We are shooting live but Based on the #OPNation technical issues I’m told the show will air from the beginning. Believe me. We are frustrated. Sorry!”

Still, the night drew a massive crowd and when the show aired its second night, it went off without a hitch.

Ahead of its premiere, Abrams shared his excitement for On Patrol: Live to air on the Reelz network. In a statement, he said, “This show has become a part of my DNA. I certainly want a partner who feels the same way. Reelz is really excited about the series. They’re committing a lot of their entire network to the series and are going to put their marketing behind it.”