Dan Abrams Speaks Out About Backlash Following Tense ‘On Patrol: Live’ Scenes

by Shelby Scott

On Patrol: Live, the revival series of Live PD, got off to a rocky start when it premiered last Friday. Slated to kick off at 9 p.m., the premiere was delayed by more than an hour before its new broadcast network, Reelz, resolved the technical difficulties. Now though, more than a week following the premiere, the show is seeing further trouble following some tense onscreen moments. Dan Abrams, On Patrol: Live‘s host, recently spoke out about the backlash the show’s received.

Abrams most frequently features in On Patrol: Live as its host. However, he also runs Dan Abrams Live, which sees him taking a “no-holds-barred” approach to news. A recent episode is about a nine-minute clip that you can watch here, and it explores a handful of topics. However, he most prevalently explores “cancel culture” at George Washington University. The topic arose after a Supreme Court Justice, who’s taught a course there for years, effectively became “canceled” by students.

Of the news, the On Patrol: Live host tweeted, “Tonight…I hit the #cancelcutlure crew at GWU,” in addition to anti-police media and controversy regarding abortions.

He concluded his post revealing that exploration of these subjects saw him “called everything from a right wing nut to a liberal loser.”

On Patrol: Live fans had varied responses to Abrams’ post though many were sympathetic. One wrote, “Well just know that most of us call you an honest man and a decent human being.”

A second said, “We support you and I understand that many don’t want to have a reasonable dialogue…OPL nation ready for tonight!!! Keep up the great work Dan!”

See the Ratings For ‘On Patrol: Live’s Premiere:

Despite that On Patrol: Live got off to such a rocky start, the show nevertheless performed extremely well in ratings. Let’s take a look at the numbers.

Per a post from Dan Abrams himself, On Patrol: Live fans made the premiere episode of the revival series the “number one rated show in all of cable Friday night in the critical 25-54 demographic.”

Abrams also thanked fans for showing the new show so much love despite a long 73-minute wait. Overall, the premiere episode reigned in 397,000 viewers within that key demographic.

The massive success of the new show’s first episode speaks to the dedicated fanbase that Live PD originally had.

Live PD ran on A&E from 2016 through 2020 until it was canceled alongside the popular reality TV cop show Cops.

Viewers weren’t the only ones that positively responded to the new installation of Live PD. Its broadcast network, Reelz, also shared glowing reviews of the show following its chaotic premiere night.

“With such a huge premiere weekend, Reelz is a different network than it was last Thursday. On Patrol: Live is an amazing series that we are proud to have as the centerpiece of our network going forward. We thank our viewers for sticking with us despite a technical difficulty that delayed the series premiere Friday and also thank our advertisers and distribution partners for their patience.”