Dan Abrams Speaks Out About ‘On Patrol: Live’ Premiere Episode Technical Difficulties

by Emily Morgan

“On Patrol: Live,” Reelz’s new police docuseries, aired its second episode on Saturday night. However, it was not without a take two. Although the word “live” is in the show’s title, it had to adjust its programming to fix the technical issues.

After the premiere of Reelz’s new reality series that follows law enforcement was hampered by technical problems on Friday night, co-hosts Dan Abrams, Sean “Sticks” Larkin, and Curtis Wilson returned, nearly on time, on Saturday.

This time, it seemed like they almost resolved whatever issues they were having. However, the co-hosts were making the best out of the problem, adding some humor to the issue.

“Quite a first show that we had last night,” said Abrams, the longtime host of A&E’s “Live PD.”

 “If you didn’t catch it, here is some of what you missed,” he said. He shared a pic of an image that displayed “experiencing technical difficulties, please stand by,” that also featured a dog.

“Okay, things did not go exactly as planned,” he continued. “We absolutely positively guarantee you that it won’t happen again.” Fellow co-host Larking added, “Fingers crossed!”

Saturday night’s episode was delayed by about 30 seconds of dead air before the show was initially set to premiere. However, this wasn’t the first time the show had experienced similar difficulties. The day before, the show was marred by a technical mess on its premiere night. 

When viewers tuned in to watch “On Patrol: Live,” the co-hosts didn’t greet them. Instead, viewers saw nothing but black screens. Fans also saw reruns of a reality series called “Jail: Las Vegas” and several commercials for Reelz’s upcoming special Kiss: The Story of Their Songs.

Abrams spent the last two years trying to get ‘On Patrol: Live’ on the air

As a result, the unfortunate mishap of “On Patrol: Live” was incredibly disappointing for fans of “Live PD.” In 2020, A&E canceled the hit reality series that follows the day-to-day activities of police officers.

Abrams, who acted as the “Live PD” co-host and executive producer, said that he spent the last two years trying to debut a new docuseries. 

“I’ve been working on either getting [Live PD] or a new show off the ground since the day it was canceled,” Abrams said.

In June, Abrams and “Live PD” fans got their wish when Reelz announced it would air the premiere of the rebranded show. Like the original show, Reelz also announced it would be co-hosted by Abrams, former “Live PD” co-host “Sticks” Larkin, and Wilson. 

Reelz finally figured out the issue on Friday and got the feed for “On Patrol: Live” working by 10:15 p.m. However, by that point, the show was already trending on Twitter for the wrong reasons.