‘Days of Our Lives’ Final Episode Cut Short by King’s Speech on NBC

by Craig Garrett

The final episode of Days of Our Lives to air on tv was unceremoniously cut short by a speech from King Charles III. The soap opera has run on NBC since 1965. It will soon be moving to the streaming service Peacock. However, some loyal fans of the show were surprised on Friday, Deadline reports. The final episode to air on NBC was cut off by a speech.

On today’s episode of Days of Our Lives, Gabi was visiting a mausoleum to tell her deceased love interest about her new relationship. “But, you know, even though…” were the last lines heard by fans watching the episode in at least a few Eastern time zones. The show started an hour earlier today than normal, at noon instead of 1 p.m., for viewers in New York. The death of Queen Elizabeth II resulted in the cancellation of Thursday’s program and its move to a later time slot. NBC aired the original broadcast at 3 a.m. on Friday, instead of what was scheduled.

Days of Our Lives is set to begin streaming on Peacock on Monday. The episodes will still drop daily, with the back catalog also available to stream. The time slot will be filled by NBC News Daily. Meanwhile, the soap detailed how to subscribe to Peacock on their official Twitter.

Days of Our Lives fans were shaky about the move to Peacock

Long-time viewers of Days of Our Lives weren’t thrilled about the news of the show moving to Peacock. It didn’t take long for soap fans to start expressing their concerns about the possible changes coming to the show. Now a show that was free for decades would cost several dollars a month. Some viewers are also worried that being freed from the restrictions of broadcast TV might change the program itself. Would this mean more cursing, violence, and even nudity?

Days of Our Lives executive producer Ken Corday tried to calm viewers about their concerns. The producer promised viewers during a recent Q&A that they will be able to watch “the same show” online. Corday also pointed out a silver lining of the move.

The show will be exactly the same at first. The cast and crew have already filmed the episodes set to air through February. However, after that, things may change. “You will probably be getting more show content after February of next year, he pointed out. “We don’t have to limit the show to 38 minutes with 22 minutes of commercial time,” Ken Corday explained. “On Peacock, with the [Premium] subscription, you get four minutes of commercial time [per episode], and with the higher [Premium Plus] subscription,” which fetches $9.99/month, “you get no commercial time. So, that’s good,” Corday said.