‘Deadliest Catch’ Deck Hand Knocked Out Cold in Shocking Mishap: VIDEO

by Shelby Scott

There’s no shortage of drama and action on “Deadliest Catch.” However, things became extremely intense during the reality series’ latest episode. New footage shows the moment the Patricia Lee‘s newest deckhand Devon Davis got knocked out cold while working. See the video below.

It takes a lot of professional hands to keep “Deadliest Catch’s” crabbing vessels running smoothly. Nevertheless, when captain Rip Carlton’s other workers noticed Davis’s collapse, they abandoned their stations to come to their companion’s aid.

“He got hit in the head by something,” one of the other deckhands shouts up to the captain. He and the rest of the crew then turn their attention to Davis. They begin shaking his arms and shoulders and begging him to wake up.

With blood streaked down his chin, he gradually comes to, eyes wide and confused. He seems to panic, but the crew members take care of him. After a few moments, the crewmembers prop him up, leaning him back against a nearby pole.

Things seem to be alright initially. But when one of the Patricia Lee‘s deckhands asks Davis if he remembers his name, he says no.

Before the new episode of “Deadliest Catch” aired Tuesday night, fans were concerned they witnessed the deckhand’s death. The final frames showed Captain Rip Carlton’s newest deckhand sprawled on the floor of the ship. We also saw blood streaming from his mouth. So, even though Davis doesn’t remember his name, it’s a step up from the alternative.

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Do ‘Deadliest Catch’ Creators Add Dramatic Flair for Ratings?

“Deadliest Catch” star Rip Carlton and his ship the Patricia Lee seem to be the bad luck boat for deckhands hoping to make a living. Before Devon Davis’s collapse during the newest episode, there have been two other horrific situations that have occurred on the ship.

Earlier this season, “Deadliest Catch” fans watched an intense helicopter rescue when one of the Patricia Lee‘s deckhands became crushed by a crab pot. While viewers were unable to see whether the deckhand sustained any external injuries, the airlift was crucial as he certainly needed medical attention for internal injuries.

Prior to that, Rip Carlton’s crew saw the tragic death of 30-year-old Todd Kochutin. Kochutin reportedly sustained lethal injuries while working aboard the ship. Overall, it’s a lot of drama for one crew. And while we can’t know for certain, it leaves us wondering whether any of the show’s dramatic scenes are staged.

Well, according to former Captain Elliot Neese, who spoke about the show during an interview with Newswire, “Deadliest Catch” creators definitely take some artistic license. Unfortunately, the latest incidents actually happened as seen, with the genuine dangers Alaskan crab fishermen face on full display. However, another incident was absolutely staged in order to create a heightened sense of urgency.

During one episode of “Deadliest Catch,” creators blended footage of a flood with footage of a storm, making the former appear related to the weather. In reality, though, the storm didn’t even affect the ship, and none of the deckhands were in danger of drowning.