‘Deadliest Catch’: Do the Cast and Crew Get Seasick?

by Alex Falls

Crab fishing is a dangerous business. As depicted in the reality TV show Deadliest Catch, crews face extreme conditions while they’re at sea. There’s massive equipment hanging from ropes and enormous waves crashing into the ship as crew members attempt to wrangle in the delicious and expensive king crabs. People have fallen overboard or gotten swept up in the huge waves during chaotic excursions. The profession is largely considered one of the deadliest in the entire world.

The fishing venture is incredibly dangerous, but not every difficulty is a matter of life and death. Many issues or problems can arise that range from urgent to simple nuisance. Even small difficulties get in the way of crew members who need to complete their jobs.

One major ailment that affects many people on boats? Sea sickness. You might assume professional crab fishermen would have the sea legs to withstand motion sickness, but at least a couple of the show’s crew members have revealed how the illness hits them on occasion when on the open sea.

Seasickness is induced when a person experiences incongruity between the motion of the water’s waves against what the person’s eyes register while standing on the boat. Symptoms include feelings of nausea, vertigo, and vomiting. Some people feel the effects worse than others. A lot of people not at all.

Who Gets Seasick on Deadliest Catch?

You might think the sea dogs of Deadliest Catch don’t experience seasickness, but Josh Harris and Jake Anderson would prove you wrong.

The two Deadliest Catch stars did an interview with KTLA 5 where they addressed their tendency to feel seasick while out on the water. Both men say they get seasick every time they go out on their boats.

Anderson said the illness still affects him at some of the most inconvenient times. “Now that I’m a captain, I sit in a chair, and it’s the only place I’m not seasick … I’ll go downstairs, and then I try to eat [something] and then I go upstairs and eat my saltines and coffee.”

Harris said the best advice while dealing with the nausea is to just “let it go” and “feed the fish.”

Anderson offered his unconventional treatment for seasickness. “Marijuana. It’s been the only thing I’ve ever found.” He’s not allowed to bring it on the boat, but he “may or may not” have experimented with it in past fishing trips in his 20+ years of experience.

Deadliest Catch has continuously been one of Discovery Channel’s most popular shows since it was introduced nearly 20 years ago. Throughout 18 seasons, the show received praise for its cast, cinematography, and real-life characters living a life at sea. Throughout its run, the show landed a total of 56 Emmy Award nominations with 16 wins. Deadliest Catch recently wrapped up its 18th season earlier this month. Hopefully, Harris and Anderson are grateful for a break from the vomit-inducing trips to sea.