‘Deadliest Catch’: Do the Crews Get to Eat the Crab They Catch?

by Megan Molseed

Fans of the popular Discovery Channel reality TV series, Deadliest Catch are well aware of the dangers the crews face as they set out for each fishing season on the Bering Sea. Sometimes even risking their own lives searching for as much crab as the boats can carry.

It’s a dangerous adventure, no doubt. The area in which the Deadliest Catch fishermen know they are likely to bring in the biggest hauls is within some of the most dangerous waters on the planet. However, the risk is oftentimes worth it. The crabs the crews are catching on the popular Discovery Channel series sell for around $180 per every two pounds. Certainly a big payday after the challenging fishing season.

But, one of the biggest questions we can’t help but wonder about has little to do with the fishing, and more to do with the downtime – or dinner time – of the Deadliest Crew. The question? Do the Deadliest Catch crew members get to have a taste of the crabs they work so hard to catch?

Do The Deadliest Catch Stars Get To Partake In The Crab That They Risk So Much To Catch?

According to Captain Sig Hansen who heads one of the boats on the series that is searching for crab off the Alaskan coast each season, The Deadliest Catch crews do get to benefit from the fruits of their efforts. However, the Discovery Channel star says, they don’t get any extra perks in the off-season.

“Well we only get to fish it once a year,” Captain Hansen says in a recent discussion. “So it’s a treat to bring it home.” However, the fisherman notes, this does not mean that the Deadliest Catch stars get a big stockpile of the delicious seafood.

“Everybody thinks I’ve got a giant freezer in my backyard full of it,” the captain quips.

“But we only get it once a year just like everyone else,” he explains.

“And I love it,” Hansen adds. “It’s delicious.”

Deadliest Catch has been a popular reality TV series for about two decades now. Each season, the crews face some major obstacles as they battle the elements to bring in their hauls. However, this season sees the Deadliest Catch players facing another obstacle, climate change.

Due to a reported lack of mature female red King Crabs, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game has announced the closing of the Bristol Bay fishery. This precaution is intended to protect the population of the red king crabs. However, this poses a challenge for the fishermen in the coming Deadliest Catch episodes.

Now, the crews are switching their sights to the golden king crab. An alternative that could mean a greater risk for the show’s fishing crews.

“It was scary,” says Captain Josh Harris of this move.

“You’re setting the pots down 10 times as deep as they normally should be going,” the captain relates.

“And that’s a lot of work,” he explains. “There was a lot of danger involved with hauling that much line.”