‘Deadliest Catch’ Fans Can’t Get Enough of This Sig Hansen Dynamic

by Joe Rutland

Fans of Deadliest Catch have been watching Sig Hansen take part as one of the captains for a long time on the show. He’s even been joined by his daughter Mandy Hansen on there. Seeing them work together is something that the fans appear to like. They are talking about this dynamic in a Reddit thread.

Simply titled “Sig and his daughter,” one person writes, “Regardless of whether or not she got special treatment, I think it has always just been about Sig spending time with his daughter. Mandy toughed it out, and this has been one of the best, most heartwarming storylines on DC for many seasons.”

Another Redditor adds some depth to the Sig-Mandy relationship. “It’s a family boat, like Edgar says, the Hansen name/work ethic is what made the Northwestern what it is,” this person writes. The Deadliest Catch fan goes on to point out that “it’s a proud moment for the family” to have a then 18-year-old Mandy come on board the fishing boat. It’s also noted that Mandy “kept a pretty damn good attitude” throughout her time.

Fan of ‘Deadliest Catch’ Takes Note of Mandy’s ‘Confidence’

Still, it is worth raising that this fan is aware of Daddy’s girl always being Daddy’s girl. “She has the confidence and drive and you have to respect that,” the Redditor writes. “Special treatment or not, she didn’t fall completely on her face like we’ve seen some greenhorns.” So, it appears that Sig and Mandy have viewers watching very closely when it comes to what happens aboard the Northwestern. Deadliest Catch follows crab fishermen aboard their boats in the Bering Sea. A lot of rain, heavy squalls, and big winds make it treacherous out there.

Hansen recalls that he “took a lot of heat” for being on the Discovery Channel show early on. “Dutch Harbour is such a little town that they were afraid that seeing the true working conditions [of a fisherman], the insurance companies would freak out and take it negatively,” he said in an interview. “But they haven’t done that. Now the benefits are also political. The governor of Alaska said that we have done more for the state than anybody, and those are pretty big words. How can you go wrong?”

He’s been one of the most recognizable faces from the series. With his success, Hansen has found himself at times becoming a celebrity. It’s not something he thought about when first going out and fishing for crab. That world is simply a way for him to make a living. Now, Sig Hansen and, yes, Mandy, are recognizable for being on a TV show. Success has reached their doorstep and Sig isn’t turning away from what Deadliest Catch has brought him and his family.