‘Deadliest Catch’ Fans Debate Major Fight Between Jake Anderson and Fellow Deckhand

by Joe Rutland

Going out on the unforgiving Bering Sea, trying to catch crab, and keeping your sanity are three things a deckhand faces on Deadliest Catch. The obstacles that these hard-working people deal with are tremendous. Weather always is a factor and the stress level is off the charts. Sometimes, it can lead to difficult moments between team members. It happened one time between Jake Anderson and a fellow deckhand on the Northwestern. That’s the fishing boat run by Sig Hansen, but he wasn’t around for this battle. What would happen? Fans are debating the issue.

OK, so Anderson and Matt Bradley are shown in a video yelling at one another. In an argument over the hydraulics on there, Anderson throws the first punch. Sig had laid down the law after an earlier encounter. Whoever throws the first punch would get tossed off the boat. In the video, Edgar Hansen, who is holding down the fort for Sig, ends up breaking those two apart. He turns his wrath on Jake and sends him away. This would lead fans to head over to a Reddit thread and share their thoughts.

One ‘Deadliest Catch’ Fan Isn’t Happy With Edgar; Another Has No Problem With Him

One fan writes on there, “I watched him (Anderson) leave the Northwestern with mixed emotions, but I really didn’t like the way Edgar treated him while they were still at sea. Jake was very honest with his situation and his emotions and Edgar was kind of a d**k. I guess it showed, to me at least, how immature Edgar still is.” Another Redditor would reply, “No problem with the way Edgar treated him. It’s the rule: You don’t throw punches on a boat. simple as that.” This fan of Deadliest Catch writes, “You can’t blame Edgar for the way he treated Jake in that scene. Jake just got into a fight.”

Meanwhile, this fan admits that they are a fan of Jake but not surprised that the outburst led to his dismissal. “You gotta stay cool in that job, too much at stake for everyone on board,” the Redditor writes. The person adds that what he did was not captain-like behavior. “I’ve never cared for Matt, for some reason he bugged me but Jake sealed his fate with that first swing,” the person said. “Maybe he needed to see how important he was to that boat and Sig? It certainly helped him make up his mind anyway – jump ship before you’re pushed off.” There you go with some different opinions. Speaking of Sig, fans of the show have seen him work with his daughter Mandy on there, too. She’s been stepping up and into working on the Northwestern herself.