‘Deadliest Catch’ Fans Notice a Major Similarity Between Edgar and Sig

by Taylor Cunningham

Deadliest Catch fans can not get over how eerily similar Hansen brothers Sig and Edgar sound.

Sig Hansen is a regular face on the reality show, which follows teams of crab fishermen battling it out on the Bering Sea. He began as a captain during the pilot episode and has since added Deadliest Catch technical advisor to his resume.

Edgar Hansen also joined the show during its debut in 2005. And during season 9, he took his brother’s spot as captain of the Northwestern. He has since left the series, sending Sig back to his post. But while he was a staple in the cast, he spent most of his time by his brother’s side. And fans couldn’t get past the fact that their voices were absolutely identical.

In fact, they were so uncanny that some fans even took to Reddit to discuss it.

In a post, a user named A_Very_Fat_Elf got a conversation rolling about the brothers. And it’s apparent that some fans think the whole thing is almost creepy.

“Is it just me or do Sig and Edgar sound very similar?” they wrote. “I only noticed in season 12 with Edgar being captain for a bit. Did anyone else notice the similarity?”

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“I think their voices are similar,” 3OaksBassets replied. “Easier to tell them apart by what they’re saying than by their voices – lol.”

A few other people pointed out that they’re similar in more ways than one. And their personalities and lifestyle habits may play a part in their unique and identical tones.

“Duelling lifetimes of screaming and cigarettes will do that to you,” SirFahrenheit joked.

“Try smoking for 40 years and see if your voices equal out,” egcthree added.

In fact, out of all the comments, only one person said they could tell the brothers apart based on sound alone. Everyone else admitted that they had to look at the screen to know what was going on. And if they went a step further and styled themselves the same, all hope would be lost.

“I swear if all three brothers cut their hair the same it would be hard to tell them apart,” trash332 added.

And in reality, the brothers really are alike in more ways than voice. They were born into a long line of Norwegian fishers. Both of them and their third brother, Norman, have dedicated their lives to following in the family business.

In fact, their father, Sverre was largely responsible for creating the commercial fishing industry in Alaska. And Sig was the first of the brothers to start his career. At the time, he was only 14. So it’s apparent that there are strong genes that run through the Hansen blood, in both passions and sound.