‘Deadliest Catch’ Fans Recall Their Favorite Episodes

by Shelby Scott

Deadliest Catch boasts an impressive 18 seasons, having made its Discovery debut in 2005. That said, it should be rather difficult for fans to name their all-time favorite episode. However, ignoring all logic, that’s exactly what they did when the reality TV series asked fans that very question on Instagram. See what they had to say.

Deadliest Catch‘s social team kicked off the discussion in the above post. In the caption, they encouraged fans to “Comment your favorite #DeadliestCatch episode” in the comments. As expected, responses varied.

One fan humorously commented with the hashtag, “#crabfartsforever.” Simultaneously, other Deadliest Catch fans shared more detailed opinions.

“I loved the episode way back when Sig posted a sign that said, ‘Shut up and fish!'” another commenter shared. “He has always been my favorite captain and he is quite a character.”

Surprisingly, one fan actually named a specific episode, recalling season three’s second episode, “Hands down.”

After a little research, that particular episode of Deadliest Catch is actually pretty tragic. According to IMDb‘s description, the storyline is as follows:

“After a fishing boat sinks, the fleet works with the Coast Guard to find survivors. Equipment failures plague the Northwestern & Cornelia Marie, and the Time Bandit & Maverick start fishing only to have one boat come up empty while the other fills pots.”

In the end, this early episode of Deadliest Catch reveals the ultimate risk Alaska’s crab fishermen endure when they take to the high seas in this adrenaline-pumping series.

‘Deadliest Catch’ Fans Reveal Their Favorite Captain

Narrowing down one all-time favorite episode of Deadliest Catch might be difficult for some fans. However, identifying their favorite captain is much easier. Altogether, there are 155 episodes of Deadliest Catch. Meanwhile, there have been less than two dozen captains across 18 seasons. Taking to a Reddit poll a few years ago, fans shared who they thought was the show’s best captain.

Results from the poll revealed that 42% of respondents believe Captain Sig Hansen, leader of the FV Northwestern is the best captain on the show. Sig Hansen, who joined the cast during Deadliest Catch’s pilot season and works as a technical advisor in production, remains a fan favorite nearly two decades later. Part of why the show’s viewers love him so much is due to his relationship with his daughter, and fellow crab fisherman, Mandy Hansen.

Other fans said the reason they love him so much is that, “He is the most stable, predictable, and a consistent high earner.”

Another Deadliest Catch fan commented, “His traditions are also mostly tolerable. And I’d trust him to keep his word – if he told me something, he’d live up to it if he could. (I don’t know him, just my impression from the show).”