‘Deadliest Catch’ Fans Share Their Take on Their Favorite Captain

by Taylor Cunningham

The votes are in. Deadliest Catch fans have unanimously chosen their fan-favorite crabbing captain, and the choice is no surprise.

Two years ago, a Reddit poll asked people to share their favorite ship leader, and around 42% of them agreed that Captain Sig Hansen was the best.

“He is the most stable, predictable, and a consistent high earner,” u/someguyfromsk commented.

Sig had an upper hand, however. He is one of the few original stars that are still with the series 17 years later. And because he’s so entrenched in Deadliest Catch, he’s also a technical advisor for the show. So, he’s had plenty of time and the ability to show off his fishing smarts and charm fans.

And some people simply love that Sig makes them think of the series hay days.

“I mean they have been around since the beginning so nothing screams nostalgia [than] hearing that Fiddle [followed] by the shot of that beauty of a boat and our favorite Norwegian crew,” u/Thunderleppard666 wrote in an older post.

In a similar thread, another user expanded on the topic by noting that Sig is the best because he would be the perfect captain to work under. Not only does he give his crew a fair wage, but he also has a “reliable boat, “steady crew”, and a “predictable” temper.

“His traditions are also mostly tolerable,” they added. “And I’d trust him to keep his word – if he told me something, he’d live up to it if he could. (I don’t know him, just my impression from the show).”

The Late Phil Harris Took Second Place For Favorite ‘Deadliest Catch’ Captain

The late Phil Harris came in second place with about 30% of the votes. Harris was the captain of the Cornelia Marie until he suffered a stroke and passed away in 2010.

According to his son, Josh Harris, lifestyle choices like energy drinks and excessive smoking led to his death.

“He did cut back on energy drinks, quite a bit from what he’d usually do,” Josh shared. “But [doctors] have determined that smoking was the cause of this. And that was always his biggest habit. He had changed a lot of his habits but just could never kick the smoking. He started working with that electronic cigarette but was not used to it. He didn’t know how to charge it. He just kept smoking.”

During his on-screen career, Harris had become beloved by millions. In fact, Yahoo! Entertainment named him “the greatest reality TV personality of all time” in 2015. So it’s no surprise that he’d still rank at the top of Deadliest Catch fans’ favorite captains.