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‘Deadliest Catch’: Francis Katungin Rescued by Helicopter After Serious Accident Onboard Ship

by Megan Molseed
Getty Images

A crew member on the Discovery Channel TV series Deadliest Catch is facing some devastating injuries. This comes after the deckhand became pinned between crap pots while onboard the Patricia Lee. The ship was ambushed by a gigantic wave, which pushed Patricia Lee crewmember Francis Katungin between two 800-pound crab pots.

In a recent Twitter post, the history channel series Deadliest Catch shares with fans of the show a clip of a terrifying moment. In this sneak peek, Patricia Lee’s Captain Rip Carlton finds himself battling a major wave as he braves unruly ocean waters. However, he is able to navigate through, the fishing boat captain says. However, he soon learns that things aren’t as easy as they may seem.

“Captain Rip gets ambushed by a huge wave,” reads a message on the Deadliest Catch Twitter page.

The rogue wave crushes the Patricia Lee crewmember, Deadliest Catch fisherman Francis Katungin against a railing; as an 800-pound crab pot crushes his body.

Terrifying Moment In Deadliest Catch Clip Reminds Us Of Another Devastating – and Deadly – Injury Just Last Year

It’s a terrifying moment as the events unfold in the clip of the popular Discovery Channel TV series in the Twitter post. And, it brings to mind a nightmare situation from just one year earlier. In February 2021, fisherman Todd Kochutin lost his life in a situation aboard the Patricia Lee similar to what we see in this Twitter clip.

Kochutin was just 30 years old when he tragically lost his life in the devastating mid-ocean accident. And, according to his obituary, the crab fisherman passed away from injuries he sustained while crab fishing. The series revealed that the deckhand had been hit with an 800-pound crab pot. This is exactly what we see happen to Francis Katungin in this heart-pounding Twitter clip.

As the video unfolds, we learn that Katungin has suffered significant injuries, primarily to his hip and pelvic areas. The injuries were so severe that the series producer Todd Stanley appeared on camera in this episode. He steps in to help and provide first aid to the injured deckhand.

Captain Carlton Faces Terrifyingly Similar Circumstances Just One Year After Francis Katungin Suffers Injuries On Deadliest Catch

In the clip, Captain Rip Carlton does his best to remain calm even as it becomes clear that the deckhand has suffered some major injuries. The most important thing he can do right now is to get his boat to an area where the Coast Guard will be able to help get Francis the medical attention he needs.

“You gotta do the best job you can,” Captain Carlton says.

“My best job is to get this boat to a safe spot for the Coast Guard to get Francis off,” he adds. “Which is not gonna be easy.”