‘Deadliest Catch’: Here’s How Josh Harris Feels About Having His Brother on the Boat

by Emily Morgan

Since its inception in 2005, “Deadliest Catch” has followed the Harris family as they navigate the rough seas and, sometimes, their own relationships.

As fans will recall, the Discovery series captured the tragic passing of the Harris family patriarch, Captain Phil Harris. Following his death, the show has shifted its focus to his two youngest sons: Josh Harris and Jake Harris.

As for Jake Harris, he’s been in the midst of an ugly, uphill battle with drug and alcohol abuse, which was featured on “Deadliest Catch” before he left the reality TV show. Later, both their lives were chronicled in the new spinoff series “Deadliest Catch: Bloodlines.” The show now focuses heavily on the legacy that Phil Harris left behind.

In addition, viewers see Josh (who is now the captain of his father’s fishing vessel) and Jacob attempting to fill the shoes of their legendary father. The spinoff reunited Josh with his younger brother and saw both sons rekindling their relationship with their older brother Shane Harris, who joined Josh for Season 18 of “Deadliest Catch.”

It was a nice moment for the once-estranged brothers to work alongside one another on the Cornelia Maria. However, Josh still had some issues about working with his brother.

Josh Harris details his struggles with his brother on ‘Deadliest Catch’

According to reports, Josh and Shane originally reconnected after their father passed away in 2010. Shane’s return to crab fishing was something that Captain Phil Harris had always wanted for his family. Despite the happy reunion, Shane working aboard the Cornelia Maria brought along a unique set of problems for the brothers.

“The biggest challenge I faced is taking a 46-year-old man that’s never been crabbing and that you really love a lot and then putting him on the deck of a crab boat,” Josh told Fox.

He continued: It’s like taking someone out of retirement and putting them on a weird carnival ride of some sort.”

According to Josh, after nearly 20 years of never working alongside his brother, he finds it challenging to chastise his brother while. But, as he describes, Shane’s inexperience with crab fishing makes it so that he has to correct him when they’re on the water.

With that, Josh also praised his brother for his determination aboard the ship. He still managed to tough it out, despite his lack of experience working on fishing vessels.

It’s undeniable that bringing Shane aboard was indeed a difficult challenge, mainly due to the complicated history. However, it’s heartwarming to see the respect he still holds for his older brother, even after all these years.

Fans can watch “Deadliest Catch: Bloodlines on FuboT and Philo. You can also watch it on Discovery+.