‘Deadliest Catch’: Jake Anderson Schools Up His Greenhorn Niece in New Episode

by Samantha Whidden

With the newest episode of “Deadliest Catch” set to air on Tuesday (June 21st), Discovery released a teaser, which shows Jake Anderson schooling his greenhorn niece.  

“Jake’s family has been fishing in the Bering Sea for years,” Discovery states in a Twitter post. “And he’s making sure his niece understands the weight of that legacy.”

Jake Anderson previously spoke about “Deadliest Catch” and the show’s success. “ I’m very proud of the show and I think it’s pretty cool that it has made it this far,” he told The PC Principle in 2015. “We never thought it was going to last three seasons, but now we are in season eleven and we have six Emmys.”

The “Deadliest Catch” star also noted that he believes the show as a whole is “phenomenal” and it has documented his growth over the years. “I don’t think any other show has really shown people making goals and achieving them and with this next season, you are going to see a lot of goals and dreams come true plus a lot of bad weather.”

‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Jake Anderson Talks About His Growth On the Hit Series Over the Years

When asked about his personal experience going from greenhorn to seasoned fisherman on the show, Anderson shared, “What a lot of people didn’t know about me before I was on the boat was that I was actually living on the street. I got a job with Sig and I just started making these dreams and goals.”

Anderson further explained that in his story, “Deadliest Catch” fans watch a kid grow from being homeless with a dream to someone with goals who kept achieving and moving forward. “That’s why I think this show is phenomenal because you are virtually watching the American dream unfold before you,” he declared. “No other show has done that because this is a real story and on our show, you are watching people and families grow for real.”

Jake Anderson then discussed his special relationship with Sig Hansen. He calls what they have as not being as close as Sig’s relationship with his father, but it’s similar. “His father was a lot tougher on him than he is on me, which I can’t quite imagine because he is tough on me.”

The “Deadliest Catch” star further observed his relationship with Sig’s daughter Mandy. “It’s funny because his daughter Mandy throughout the years has become my little sister and you see this sibling rivalry because she always gets his attention and I have always fought for it.”

Anderson goes on to add that all the boats on “Deadliest Catch” are family boats and that’s what makes the show “wholehearted” for him. “You see all these dynamics that you wouldn’t see in a professional environment. The thing that makes the Northwestern so great is that we’ve been together for ten years and you see us fight like brothers and sisters.”