‘Deadliest Catch’: Jake Calls the Police in Tense Trailer for Upcoming Episode

by Shelby Scott

There’s a reason that the Discovery series Deadliest Catch is known by that name. As one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, the show’s fishermen face peril on a daily basis. However, we’re used to the intensity building when the crews weather a bad storm or when they experience on-deck injuries. However, an all-new preview of Deadliest Catch reveals the tension will build in a completely different way. Take a look below when Captain Jake Anderson is forced to call the police on several of his crew members.

With the FV Saga docked, problems arise when several of Anderson’s crew members come back to the boat drinking. Threatening to cut loose several of those crew members, the captain receives a threatening call from “Banjo.” He states, “You step off the boat, I’m gonna beat your f—ing ass.”

Lighting up a cigarette, Anderson tells us that he doesn’t want to fist fight and or any of his stuff “broken into.” That said, he instead calls the cops, which we then see pull up alongside the Deadliest Catch vessel.

The rest of the clip sees Jake Anderson arguing with his drunken crew members. Meanwhile, police escort them from the premises. In the end, Anderson remarks, “If they wanna go party, then go party and don’t show back up to the boat. They made their choice to stay drinking, I have to lay down the law.”

Tune in when the next new episode of Deadliest Catch airs Tuesday night at 8 p.m. EST on Discovery.

‘Deadliest Catch’ Airing New Spinoff This Fall Featuring Captain Sig Hansen

While Deadliest Catch fans wait to see the drama and tension play out during next week’s new episode, they’re also looking forward to another series spinoff, The Viking Returns. Until now, Deadliest Catch has boasted just one spinoff series, Deadliest Catch: Bloodline. The TV series spinoff puts a special focus on Captain Josh Harris as he explores his late father’s past off the coast of the Hawai’ian islands. Now, though, we’ll soon have entire series based around another fan-favorite crab fisherman: Sig Hansen.

Sig Hansen remains a stalwart individual among Deadliest Catch‘s featured captains, appearing in the series when it first aired in 2005 and in every season since. In addition, he’s also served as a technical advisor for the show and established himself as a favorite among fans. Now though, his course has changed, with Deadliest Catch: The Viking Returns seeing him and his family head back to Norway where they plan to reconnect with their heritage and establish something “bigger.”

The trailer, which you can view here, is intense and emotional. Hansen’s move is significant as it takes him from his usual stomping grounds. However, it’s even bigger for his daughter Mandy who is not only (rapidly) learning the ropes alongside her dad, but also working to build a family.

“We didn’t come here to trade one location for another,” the Deadliest Catch star tells viewers. “We came here to build something bigger.”