‘Deadliest Catch’: Mac White and James Gallagher Created a Game to Play While Filming

by Taylor Cunningham

Episodes of Deadliest Catch may make you think the cast and crew are always risking life and limb to haul in loads of crawling gold. But in reality, they have a lot of downtimes while floating on the open seas. So, to keep busy, Mac White and James Gallagher thought up a little game.

As Gallagher shared during an AMA on Reddit, cameras are always filming on their boats, Lady Alaska and The Saga. No matter how slow the job may be, Discovery wants to be sure they don’t miss any surprise action—because life on the Bering Sea can be unpredictable.

The 24/7 camera work gave the two crew members the perfect opportunity to create an ongoing challenge. The goal of the Deadliest Catch game is to say something completely off the wall and see if it makes it to an episode.

“They have to make a one-hour episode out of like 8 boats and 10k hours of footage,” Gallagher explained. “There’s pretty much zero planning involved. So obviously they leave out plenty of ‘the fishing process.’ They have to make a one-hour episode out of like 8 boats and 10k hours of footage. Mac and I always would try to see who could say the weirdest stuff and have it air.”

The way he explains it, it seems pretty hard to get anything on camera, let alone a ridiculous quote. But the series has highlighted some wild words spoken by the duo. So they’ve clearly had plenty of successful attempts.

However, it seems that James Gallagher may have moved on from Deadliest Catch. The last time he appeared in an episode was for a season 7 installment titled Point of No Return, which aired in May of 2021.

‘Deadliest Catch’ Fans Have Thoughts on the Show’s Drama

White is still working as a deckhand on The Saga, however. So hopefully, he’ll recruit another player for the game. Or better yet, he’ll convince several stars to join in the fun.

And for the sake of future seasons, we hope they do keep the challenge rolling. Because recently, people have been outspoken about their complaints with the series.

In another Reddit thread, one former fan admitted that they’ve grown tired of the obvious lack of reality from the reality series. And they’ve since tuned out.

“I can no longer watch this show. The fake drama is unbearable,” u/PaddyPat12 wrote.

After including a long list of grievances in their post, they concluded by saying that “this show has departed so far from its original mission.” And they’ve deleted all of their “PRV scheduled recordings” because “the last three seasons” have been awful.