‘Deadliest Catch’ May Take Home Its First Emmy Since 2015 This Year

by Chris Piner

While the Discovery Channel has an impressive list of shows for viewers to watch, Deadliest Catch is among the best. Following the dangers of being a fisherman on the Bering Sea, the series has carried on for 17 years. Throughout 18 seasons, Deadliest Catch received praise for its cast, cinematography, and the gritty nature of the life of a fisherman. Although the show landed a total of 56 Emmy nominations, it has only won 16. The last time Deadliest Catch won was back in 2015. But that might change according to Director of Photography David Reichert.  

Deadliest Catch might be the same show, but according to Reichert, the crew dedicated themselves to increasing the production value. “We’re using better and better equipment because we’re 15 years in. We need to make this thing better every year. After 15 years, we’re pretty high up there, but this year … it is, without a doubt, the biggest look upgrade we’ve done in the 15-year history of the show.” 

David Reichert Explains Changes To Deadliest Catch

With the Emmy Awards announcing their nominations, Deadliest Catch is competing in categories for Outstanding Cinematography For A Reality Program and Outstanding Picture Editing For An Unstructured Reality Program. Although it is nice to be nominated, the series will compete against The Amazing Race, Survivor, Life Below Zero, and several others. As mentioned above, 2015 marked the last time Deadliest Catch won an Emmy. Well, they won three for Outstanding Picture Editing For An Unstructured Reality Program, Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program, and Outstanding Cinematography For Reality Programming.

Explaining how the production has changed over the years, David Reichert revealed the man behind the lighting who also lit John Wick. “We’re putting movie pictures, cinema-quality pictures, on television, in a show that is happening in the middle of the Bering Sea, chasing a bunch of crabbers around that you can’t hardly control.” He added, “But, you know, you put all that together, and you got something pretty great.” 

Proud of what his team accomplished, Reichert said it was different than anything on television. “It’s a hundred percent different than everything else on TV. Yeah, nobody else is doing what we’re doing. Not even close right now.” 

The Dangers Of Being On The Bering Sea

Although winning awards is great, the cast is always aware of the dangers. One tense moment came when Captain Keith Colburn decided to repair part of the ship’s hull. Plunging into the frigid waters, Colburn’s fix turned deadly when the ship collided with the captain’s head. Thankfully, the crew acted quickly, getting Colburn out of the water and his suit. The seriousness of what these fishermen do is a constant companion of how quickly things can turn bad.