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‘Deadliest Catch’: Rip Carlton Guarantees Recent Helicopter Rescue Will Make You ‘Hold Your Breath’

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by STR/JIJI PRESS/AFP via Getty Images)

May 3rd aired the latest episode of “Deadliest Catch,” and while we’re used to the dangers of the sea after 18 seasons on Discovery, Tuesday’s episode definitely took fans for a trip. Rip Carlton, captain of the Patricia Lee, detailed his experience conducting a helicopter evacuation amid a crisis situation upon intensely rough seas, promising the rescue will make the viewer “hold your breath.” Check out the insane footage below.

As per TV Insider, the latest episode of “Deadliest Catch” saw Rip Carlton and his crew “rendezvous” with a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter as he tried to keep his crab fishing vessel as steady as possible amid a dangerous Arctic storm.

Why? Well, as stated, the talented crab fishing crew has managed to avert more than a few crises in their time upon the sea. However, as Rip Carlton battled massive waves, deckhand Francis Katongan became crushed by a weighty 700-pound crab pot when it was sprung from its usual bearings by a rogue wave.

The outlet states that Katongan potentially sustained a fractured pelvis, as well as internal bleeding after his encounter with the pot.

Carlton said, “Francis was in a lot of pain. His right hip had taken a big hit.”

As a result, the captain summoned the Coast Guard, making the May 3rd evac just the second of his career—the first saw Carlton navigate an evacuation on calm water.

Rip Carlton Details the Intensity of ‘Deadliest Catch’s Latest Rescue

It’s one thing to enact a helicopter rescue on the sea on calm waves, and an entirely different feat to perform a rescue amid a massive storm. Nevertheless, as we see in the video, the Coast Guard is able to safely deploy a swimmer to the deck of the ship, sending down a litter for the deckhand shortly after.

In speaking to the recent “Deadliest Catch” rescue, Captain Rip Carlton said, “I didn’t think they’d attempt the evac. The wind was howling, the seas were huge and confused. I was having a hard time just holding the boat on the course they asked.”

Although the Coast Guard was able to perform the extraction successfully, Calton shared the clues that suggested the danger of the unbelievable rescue.

“I knew it was serious for the crew in the helicopter when the pilot told me how many people he had on board in case they went in the water.”

As we hear in the video, the Coast Guard employed five swimmers in case any of the rescuers missed the ship and landed in the water.

Of the latest episode, the captain concluded, “I guarantee that you will hold your breath when you watch. No special effects needed.”

The next new episode of “Deadliest Catch” airs Tuesday, May 10th at 8 p.m. EST.