‘Deadliest Catch’: See Captain Sig & Mandy Hansen’s Sweetest Moments

by Shelby Scott

We’ve seen some pretty intense problems across 18 seasons of Deadliest Catch. However, amid all the drama, fans have fallen in love with the father-daughter duo, Captain Sig Hansen and Mandy Hansen. In fact, some feel it’s one of the most genuine and captivating aspects of the show. Scroll down to see some of the pair’s sweetest moments outside of the show.

Stepping away from the deck of the Norwegian, Sig and Mandy Hansen made an appearance at the Creative Arts Emmys in 2019, where photographers caught the father-daughter duo taking to the stage hand in hand. With bright smiles lighting up both of their faces, fans absolutely adored this photo.

“I love to see what a good relationship you have with your dad,” one Deadliest Catch fan wrote beneath the photo. “[I]t’s beautiful.”

Another commented, “Aww I love you guys, Sig has been my favorite captain since we started watching deadliest catch many years ago.”

More recently, Mandy Hansen captured a sweet photo of her dad, this time with her infant daughter, Sailor Marie Pederson. Check it out.

“Happy birthday Grandpa,” Mandy captioned the post, which features her blue-eyed baby smiling in her grandfather’s arms. The photo, ironically, captures Captain Sig Hansen in a tan sweater which is almost identical to little Sailor’s. Taking to the comments, plenty of Deadliest Catch fans wished the show star a very happy birthday, while others complimented Mandy Hansen on how beautiful her little girl is.

“Happy Birthday Sig! You’re baby is adorable,” one of Mandy’s followers wrote.

Be sure to hop on over to Mandy’s Insagram page to see even more sweet father-daughter moments.

‘Deadliest Catch’ Fans Can’t Get Enough of the Duo’s Relationship

As per Looper, Sig Hansen’s daughter Mandy has featured on Deadliest Catch since season five, though she wasn’t added as a cast regular until season 14. And while we know some of the drama within the reality TV series is forced or emphasized, many fans feel that there is nothing fake about the duo’s relationship.

Ultimately, the outlet states Mandy’s role on the show puts her in the position to learn the ropes as an Alaskan crab fisherman. And, despite all of her father’s strict teaching and reproaches, she’s always stuck it out. In the end, that determination is part of what makes the cast member, and her relationship with her father, so admirable.

“Regardless of whether or not she got special treatment, I think it has always just been about Sig spending time with his daughter,” one Deadliest Catch fan claims. “Mandy toughed it out, and this has been one of the best, most heart warming storylines on DC for many seasons.”

In speaking about Mandy specifically, one Deadliest Catch fan says, “I think she handles adversity well. We’ve seen her get yelled at and belittled for mistakes, and she doesn’t crack or get defensive. She appears to accept it and learn from it.”

As per the outlet, fans of the Discovery series aren’t the only ones that adore Hansen’s daughter. During a 2020 interview, the Deadliest Catch star said, “She’s been doing great. I’m proud of her. Who wouldn’t be?”