‘Deadliest Catch’: See Some of The Show’s Closest Calls

by Shelby Scott

Across 18 seasons of Deadliest Catch, fans have witnessed some pretty close calls. Now, as we await the next new episode, we’re peeking at some of the most intense instances in the show’s history. See some of them below.

One of the most adrenaline-pumping episodes took place when the crew of the Time Bandit came to the rescue of a crab fisherman who’d fallen into the water off of another ship. Fortunately, the crew’s rescue was a success. Footage showed the fisherman stripping his soaked clothes and thanking his rescuers on the Time Bandit‘s deck. Check out the footage here.

A second intense episode of Deadliest Catch featured even scarier odds. Previously, an episode saw two crab fishing vessels just barely collide with one another. As per the below clip, the Summer Breeze and the Southern Wind came dangerously close to plowing into each other in the docks. The scary encounter came courtesy of 50-knot winds. Unsurprisingly, the boats make off relatively unscathed, but with less luck, things could have turned ugly fast.

An older episode of Deadliest Catch, “Drop the Anchors” from season seven, turned the spotlight on Captain Sig Hansen’s ship. To be stuck at sea in the middle of the night as an experienced fisherman is one thing. However, when the lights go out, the danger intensifies tenfold. The below footage captured the moment The Northwestern avoided a crash as the 194-ton ship’s power kicked on just in time.

‘Deadliest Catch’ Caught Major Heat Following a Tragic Incident

Close calls are clearly the norm on Discovery’s Deadliest Catch. That said, the above scenarios are just three of 18 identified in the full list located here. However, given the intensity and danger these crab fishermen face on a day-to-day basis, death is always lurking near. Sadly, just last year, the long-running show saw the death of one deckhand on the Patricia Lee. Fans and cast members alike mourned the loss of 30-year-old Todd Kochutin.

Following an investigation, the deckhand succumbed to fatal injuries sustained from a crash with a heavy crab pot. The incident took place on the deck of the ship captained by Rip Carlton. When Deadliest Catch premiered the following year, fans of the series blasted the network for continuing to feature the ship.

“I think featuring F/V Patricia Lee in the wake of Todd Kochutin’s death is truly the lowest hanging fruit Discovery could possibly go for in terms of upping the melodrama,” one viewer wrote at the time.

Following Kochutin’s death, the Patricia Lee witnessed another near-tragedy. A more recent episode saw the Coast Guard airlift another deckhand, Francis Katungin, after yet another crash with a crab pot.

In speaking about the two incidents, one Redditor added, “My first thought was damn that boat is CURSED or the captain is, wth is going on?”

Their observation truthfully doesn’t seem too off-par as, just a few months later, amid Deadliest Catch‘s newest season, a third deckhand collapsed to the deck of the Patricia Lee after getting cracked in the head.