‘Deadliest Catch’: Show’s Famed Ship Makes Cameo in ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’

by Shelby Scott

Jurassic World: Dominion managed to achieve more than $400 million in earnings following its first-weekend debut last month. However, it continues to battle cinematic hits like Tom Cruise’s massively successful Top Gun: Maverick and Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis biopic. And while the Chris Pratt film might not feature some of the U.S. Navy’s fastest jets or Elvis actor Austin Butler’s impressive 90 different costume changes, it does have its own trademark. In making its debut on the big screen, one Deadliest Catch crabbing vessel made a surprising cameo.

According to Looper, Deadliest Catch actually made its Jurassic World: Dominion debut when the film trailer first premiered months ago. As per the outlet, the TV series’ popular fishing vessel, the Saga, captained by Jake Anderson, made a special appearance early on. One scene captures a giant Masosaurus, which the film’s Wiki says measures about 56 feet in length, as it goes after the ship’s massive steel crab pots.

Deadliest Catch‘s big-screen feature lasted a few moments longer in the movie itself. As per the outlet, the fictional dinosaur actually overturns the vessel. In doing so, it puts the ship’s crew in certain danger.

For many fans of the dinosaur franchise, the Deadliest Catch vessel’s appearance might come as a surprise. However, for dedicated Deadliest Catch fans, determining the ship in the trailer was easy. In fact, the outlet states viewers identified the Saga by its lighting structure.

‘Deadliest Catch’ Fans Take to Reddit, Sharing Their Reactions to the Saga’s ‘Jurassic World’ Feature

After spotting Deadliest Catch star Jake Anderson’s the Saga in Jurassic World: Dominion‘s trailer, fans took to Reddit to share their reactions and reveal the clues that marked a major tell for the crabbing vessel.

In a thread, one of the Discovery series’ fans wrote, “Watched [‘Jurassic World: Dominion’] and straight away recognized the saga, plus you can clearly read the ships name in the film, on the cinema screen it’s huge lol, when the attack happens you can even [hear] someone scream the name ‘Jake lookout’.”

Ironically, the outlet states the Saga, while still a prominent contender in Deadliest Catch, has faced many close calls. Its encounters with death have made it one of the most popular ships in the series.

Looper recalled one intense season 16 episode specifically, which saw the Saga battle major structural damage. Most prominently the ship suffered from a malfunctioning rudder. Truthfully, many fans believed the ship had finally sunk when it didn’t appear in the first handful of episodes of Deadliest Catch season 17. However, ever-steadfast, the Saga returned, with the outlet stating Captain Anderson continues to have the boat under constant renovation.

Fortunately for Deadliest Catch fans then, the ship’s demise in Jurassic World: Dominion was entirely fictional.