‘Deadliest Catch’: Some Fans Think Show’s Latest Episodes Are Lacking

by Caitlin Berard

In the summer of 2005, the very first episode of Deadliest Catch premiered. The unusual new reality show followed crab fishermen as they risked their lives by scouring the Bering Sea for Alaskan king and snow crab.

Admittedly, fishing isn’t typically an exciting event to witness. The nature of Alaskan crab fishing coupled with the gruff yet endearing fishermen, however, made Deadliest Catch surprisingly captivating.

The original show reached such incredible heights in its popularity, in fact, that it spawned not one but two spinoffs, Dungeon Cove and Bloodline, as well as multiple books and video games. When asked why the show has such a devoted following, Deadliest Catch star Captain Josh Harris had a simple answer: it’s for “real people.”

“It’s not a scripted show,” he explained to Entertainment Weekly. “In my life, I can’t tell you how many people still to this day come up and give me a hug and say they’ve lost somebody or gone through things you’re going through or have been through.”

“A lot of people can relate to that. Every year it’s something new. We incorporate more about peoples’ lives and what their struggles are.”

‘Deadliest Catch’ Fans Express Disappointment in Recent Seasons

Earlier this year, the series kicked off its 18th season, which is no small feat in the world of television. Despite its continued success, however, fans are beginning to worry that the series is on a downward spiral.

As Josh Harris said, Deadliest Catch was always meant to be a “real” reality TV show, rather than the manufactured drama featured on so many others. Because of this, fans are disappointed that recent seasons feel far more staged than those previous.

In a recent Reddit thread, fans questioned the direction of the show illustrated in recent years. “Deadliest Catch [has] to go back to showing the crew of the boats more!” the thread’s creator wrote. “It’s becoming [too] focused on scripted Captain drama. I remember a time where I knew damn near every single deck hand on each boat!! Now it’s like you barely know who’s working for who on what boat.”

“We need to get back to its roots and away from scripted drama,” they continued. “Because these guys are crab fishermen, not Hollywood actors, and it definitely shows!!!”

“If I could just have the hundreds of hours of deck feed with the guys pulling up crab, I would have that s–t on almost all the time. I enjoy watching captains grow or mentor but the bs drama gets old fast,” one fan agreed.

“I hate to say it but I am losing interest in the show, I noticed last year it wasn’t “must-see” for me anymore and it’s even less this year. It’s just getting to be too much of the same but with obscure “goals” every year,” another added.