‘Deadliest Catch’ Star James Gallagher Reveals Disastrous Real-Life Consequences Not Seen on Show

by Craig Garrett

Deadliest Catch is a harrowing reality tv show, but one star claims it was even more dangerous than the program portrayed. The show’s title comes from the idea that it is the most dangerous job in the world. Viewers are drawn into the actual life drama of being a crab fisherman. On the open ocean, the crew of the boat must face extremely dangerous situations. Not only that but all of the tension caused by working in close quarters with other individuals for lengthy stretches of time.

Still, Deadliest Catch has shown many dramatic moments. Fans may question if some elements of the program are exaggerated for the camera. After all, it’s not uncommon for reality shows to exaggerate the truth in order to make a dramatic moment more effective.

Deadliest Catch is one of the most realistic shows on television, it appears. The dialogue might be pre-written, yet the guys are still out on the open water. During a 2020 Reddit AMA, cast member James Gallagher revealed how the show avoided some potential drama.

Deadliest Catch star elaborates on Lady Alaska being ‘a lemon’

A crew’s success on Deadliest Catch is defined by the capabilities of their vessel. Because a top-notch vessel is so critical, the Lady Alaska was such a pain for much of its existence. The crew had a lot of issues thanks to the difficult boat, as Gallagher was happy to discuss on his Reddit AMA.

A Redditor, u/Kirsten137, asked a pointed question to Gallagher. “Is the Lady Alaska a lemon or were all the mechanical problems with the boat exaggerated at all?”

It wouldn’t be out of the question for a reality show to try to raise the stakes by overplaying a ship’s viability. According to Gallagher, however, they truly had difficulties with the boat. Amazingly, the truth is that Deadliest Catch producers downplayed the difficulties with it for the cameras.

“I [wouldn’t] call it a lemon, we knew what [we’re] getting into,” Gallagher wrote. “Crab boats were never meant to sit for 20 years. Zero exaggeration. Actually, I would say it was even worse [in real life] but of course, not everything can be shown.”

Gallagher details his scariest moment

Though he’s only been on Deadliest Catch since 2020, James Gallagher has already experienced a lot. During the same Reddit AMA, he was asked about his most frightening scenario. He had a remarkable tale to tell. Gallagher had to come to the rescue on a particularly chilly day when Lady Alaska had iced up on the edges. “One of [the] guys broke the chains loose and they slipped out of his hand,” he wrote. “Not only were they frozen to the rail but were now dangling in the water and threatening to get sucked in the wheel,” he explained. “I basically had to climb down a solid wall of ice and beat the chains free with a crowbar, then climb back up said wall of ice while carrying the chains as waves were literally crashing over my feet.”

There have been plenty of difficulties for Lady Alaska. This often includes having mechanical issues while the crew’s on the ocean. While out at sea, several vessels have been compelled to assist it. These examples highlight how much Deadliest Catch‘s danger isn’t always manufactured.