‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Keith Colburn Celebrates Show’s Major Milestone With Special Post

by Sean Griffin

Star of Deadliest Catch Captain Keith Colburn took to Twitter to celebrate a major milestone for the show.

The beloved captain retweeted Deadliest Catch‘s official account’s tweet. Their tweet said, “Tonight marks the 300th episode of #DeadliestCatch! Take a walk down memory lane with photos from the past 18 seasons here.” The account then linked to this Discovery website photo gallery.

Keith Colburn retweeted their post and added his own caption. He wrote, “It’s been a wild ride. Happy 300th Episode!”

Users of the popular series were quick to comment on Colburn’s tweet. One user, @stevebraicks, talked about one of his favorite Deadliest Catch memories.

“@crabwizard I still have many memories from the 300 episodes of deadliest catch featuring you,” they wrote. “Probably my favorite memories was when you yelled at Brad carper but I always enjoy it when you catch crab.”

Users from all over were showing Keith Colburn plenty of love. One user said, “Keith you’re a legend buddy, saying hi from down in Newfoundland.”

Another user commented about the upcoming 300th episode. They also responded to Colburn’s remark that it has been a “wild ride.” The Twitter user said, “Can’t wait to watch it and I bet it has been.”

Another user posted a message of encouragement to the “Crab Wizard.” They wrote, “Watched next episode on Discovery+… I’m guessing bad editing from Discovery, but seemed to be more to story on issue between you and Hansen this episode. Keep doing what you’re doing! Go Wizard!”

Keith Colburn’s Recent Scotland Trip

Recently, Keith Colburn posted a picture from a Scotland castle to Twitter.

“Madainn mhath from bonnie Scotland and the grand 17th century @Bunchrew_House!” he wrote. “Incredible hospitality!”

Users responded to the captain’s nice vacation post. One user wrote, “Hope you’re doing some Salmon fishing whilst you’re up there Captain.”

Next, another user commented about the weather. “How’s the weather up in Scotland? We had a heatwave. It was 14C yesterday.”

Lastly, another user wrote a message of well wishes. They said, “Hope you enjoy your visit. Big fan of the show. Been watching from the start.”

Many of the familiar faces will be returning to the show. Discovery’s online photo gallery which commemorates the 300th episode features many fan-favorites.

Photos include Crab Wizard Captain Keith Colburn and his crew Deckhand Lynn Guitard, Deckhand Travis Lofland, and Relief Captain Monte Colburn. Also included are Engineer Lenny Lekanoff, First Mate Gary Soper, and Greenhorn Joel Ziele.

Deadliest Catch premiered in 2005 and launched Keith Colburn and his crew to national renown.

However, you don’t have to worry about missing the show. You can catch up on all episodes of Deadliest Catch on discovery+. New episodes premiere on Tuesdays at 8pm ET.