‘Deadliest Catch’ Star ‘Wild’ Bill Wichrowski Reveals Moment He Was ‘Most Afraid’

by Joe Rutland

For anyone watching Deadliest Catch, then you know that “Wild Bill” Wichrowski is one interesting character. He’s usually pretty brave and willing to hold his own with other people. Now, we don’t think very much scares him at all. Wichrowski probably looks at a storm and tells it to bow down. Um, OK, but there was one time that even he admits to being afraid. It’s got to take a lot for him to say that, too. What in the world caused him to admit this? You’d be surprised in a way.

“The most afraid for my life I’ve ever been was transiting a boat to Seattle in 85-90 knot winds with gusts to 120 knots,” Wichrowski said in an interview with Hollywood Soapbox. “The boat broached coming down the back side of a wave where the wheelhouse windows were in (the) water. One main engine quit and we lost the generator, so we were without power until I could start another generator. Scariest 15 minutes of my life.” Those gusts, by the way, equate to 138 miles per hour. Not the most welcome wind to ever deal with at all for “Wild Bill.”

‘Wild Bill’ Wichrowski of ‘Deadliest Catch’ Talked About Forming a Good Crew

Sure, a mighty storm scared the wits out of him. But it did not drive him away from going out there and being among his fellow captains. Look for him to be on Deadliest Catch this season. Wichrowski has been a part of the show for a period of time. Heck, he’s gotten so popular that the captain has his very own website up and running, too.

While we are talking about him, let’s see what else is going on in the world of “Wild Bill.” For anyone who has watched the show, then you know about the value of having a good crew aboard. He’s out on the Bering Sea looking to nab Alaskan king crab. Yet Wichrowski knows that it’s hard to put a great crew together.

“It takes years to develop a good bunch of guys that work well together and can perform,” Wichrowski told Fox News in an interview. “And if they’re not making any money, they have to find something else to do.” Yes sir, making those bucks is important. If that isn’t happening, then you better believe they will be off the boat in quick time. Wichrowski also can be a prickly soul at times, too. One imagines working for “Wild Bill” can be a bit testy. Yet those who are on his crew probably can count on him being loyal and supportive of their hard work. Deadliest Catch is not for the faint of heart.