‘Deadliest Catch’ Teases a ‘Major Leak’ on the Saga in Tense Trailer for New Episode: VIDEO

by Taylor Cunningham

Tonight’s episode of Deadliest Catch not only put the competition on the line for the crew of the Saga—but it also put their lives on the line.

Ahead of the show, the official Deadliest Catch Twitter page posted a clip of the ship springing a “major leak” in the middle of the ice-cold Bering Sea. Luckily, the team was able to work together before the water completely took hold of the vessel. But according to the video, it was a close call.

“A major leak threatens the livelihoods of everyone on the Saga, and Jake races time to get it fixed,” the caption reads.

According to the video, as the ship was cruising during filming, the power shut off and alarms started blaring, which threw everyone into a panic as they raced to find the emergency. It turned out that massive amounts of water had begun to come in through the hull. And it was quickly filling the Saga.

The fisherman frantically rushed to “fire up the starboard engine” to get the generator online while they battled waves and tried to find the source of the leak.

The ‘Deadliest Catch’ Crew Worked Together to Patch the Leak, But Was it Too Late?

Once the lights flicked back on, the crew worked impressively in tandem. Before the water made it to the deck, the crew found the hole and began welding a patch.

It turned out that a pipe that circulates water to the crab tanks, burst. And the water completely flooded the engine room.

“We need to hurry up. We gotta get this replaced,” one of the fishermen yelled.

While Jake removed the damaged metal, a few of the other crewmates worked fast to make the patch. But while they were rushing, the flood continued to make its way into the Saga. And Jake stood in waist-deep water.

Thankfully, they were able to get the patch finished before the crew was in physical danger. But the ship didn’t fare as well. By the time that Jake fixed the pipe, the sea had filled the entire engine room and more. While the pumps did kick in to push the water back into the ocean, the expensive equipment may not have been as lucky as the shipmates.

Jake Anderson’s vessel has had plenty of issues during its time on Deadliest Catch. The 42-year-old ship has been in constant disrepair, which has led to too many close calls with the crew. In fact, the Saga was missing from the entire 17th season while it underwent some major renovations.

So did the ancient Saga finally meet its end this week? Watch the entire episode to find out. You can catch it streaming on Discovery +.