‘Deadliest Catch’ Teases Unexpected News That Could ‘Change Everything’ in New Trailer

by Taylor Cunningham

On tonight’s episode of Deadliest Catch, Sig Hansen hears some devastating news that may lead to an early season end for the crew of the Northwestern.

Currently, on the series, Hansen is pushing to fill his crab quota to ensure that he can be present for the birth of his first grandchild. His daughter, Mandy, is pregnant with her husband, Clark Pederson, who is also part of Hansen’s team.

So far, all has been well with Mandy’s pregnancy. But that all changed in a clip that the series posted on its official Twitter page.

In the video, Mandy texts her father and asks him to call her when Clark is with him, which immediately causes both fishermen to worry. And once they get her on the line, their fears are confirmed. Something is wrong with Mandy.

‘The Deadliest Catch’ Star May Have a Serious Pregnancy Complication

“So, I had an appointment today, and it turns out that I may have vasa previa,” she says in a FaceTime call.

The complication can cause the vessels carrying the fetal blood to rupture, which would result in severe blood loss for the baby. Undetected, Vasa Previa usually ends in stillbirth. If caught and monitored, 97% of pregnancies will survive. However, doctors must take certain precautions and measures to save the child. And in all cases, the baby must be delivered 3 to 6 weeks early, usually via C-section.

“Because they caught it early, they can monitor it,” she told Sig and Clark.

The news instantly causes the guys to panic and they start discussing heading back to shore.

“If there’s something wrong with the pregnancy or with the baby, I think we should go in,” Clark says.

And Sig echos that thought by saying that he could head in right that moment if there are “problems coming up.”

Though Mandy isn’t ready to make any serious changes yet. According to her, only one doctor has expressed concern about her pregnancy. And she wants a second opinion before anyone makes any rash decisions.

As she continues, she tells her father and husband that her OB scheduled an appointment with a specialist. And after that, she’ll know if the diagnosis is correct.

As Many waits for her appointment and subsequent test results, she instructs the guys to “focus on fishing” and “get the season over.”

Of course, the guys don’t seem to think that focusing on other things will keep their minds off of Mandy. And as they await the news, they’re aware that if she does have vasa previa, the diagnosis could “change everything” for the Northwestern.

To find out more, watch the episode on Discovery or stream it on Discovery Plus.