‘Deadliest Catch’: Watch Sean Dwyer Reflect on Dad’s Death in Emotional Clip From Tuesday’s Episode

by Megan Molseed

Deadliest Catch star Sean Dwyer may say there’s “no crying in crab fishing”. But this doesn’t stop the new father from sharing an emotional moment as he reflects on his father’s death in the reality TV show’s newest episode. In fact, Dwyer finds inspiration in tough times remembering his father, Pat, who left behind a legacy as an accomplished Bering Sea fisherman in his own day.

In the recent sneak-peek clip of the popular Discovery Channel series, Captain Sean Dwyer shares an emotional moment as he calls home to say hello to his wife Bri, and their young daughter, Blakely.

It’s been a long and difficult crab fishing season for Dwyer and his team as they continue to fish the Bering Sea. However, he quickly begins to reflect on what his father would do in a similar situation.

During his conversation with his wife, Sean Dwyer discusses how things have been going, noting that things are “pretty miserable.” He adds that the crew has found “slow fishing” as they move around trying to find crab.

“It’s hard to figure out which direction I need to go,” Dwyer tells his wife in the clip.

Deadliest Catch Star Gets Inspiration From His Late Father in Upcoming Episode

As Dwyer reflects on the tough time he and his crew are facing, his wife offers up a sage piece of advice, suggesting that he consider what his father would have done.

“I think he would have kept going,” Dwyer tells his wife on the phone call.

“I don’t think he was the guy that would have left anything on the table,” the Deadliest Catch captain adds.

“So…I mean I got a couple more spots I gotta try,” he says. “Might as well just try ’em all.”

As the two continue their thoughtful discussion, Bri encourages her husband to trust that things will work out. This, the captain says, is the kind of advice that Pat would offer.

“That’s what he would have said too,” Dwyer tells his wife. “Just trust your gut.”

Captain Dwyer Reflects On Losing His Father At An Early Age

After Bri signs off, sending “crabby vibes” to her husband, the Deadliest Catch captain gets emotional remembering his father.

“My wife and my dad never got a chance to meet,” the captain says.

“God, it makes me sad just thinking about that,” he continues in the emotional clip.

“But yeah, I think she’s right,” he adds. “Just gotta go with it, ya know. Gotta give it a shot.” Then Dwyer takes a moment before quipping, “there’s no crying in crab fishing!”

“Just gonna keep doing it man,” the Discovery Channel star adds. “Keep going for it,” he says. ” Deadliest Catch airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. eastern on Discovery.